FIRE ESCAPE Chapter 1 20180108

The moment we stepped inside, an unusual mix of mold and mustiness hit our noses causing both of us to wince.  There was only the light from the doorway illuminating the room so we could not see much, but Wise noticed something.

“Are you getting a phone call?” He asked.  I put my hand on my heart, on top of which is where I put my phone but didn’t feel it vibrating.


“No, down there.”  He pointed at the front of my right thigh.  I looked down to see light blinking through the light colored jeans I was wearing.  Something in my pocket was flashing brightly enough to pass through the stretchy denim of my jeans.

With a bit of trepidation I reached into my front right pants pocket, felt past my keys, wondering what the hell could have been so bright.  Then I found it–or found it again–that weird little “worry stone” looking thing that I’d found when I went back home for Dad’s funeral.  It was flashing slowly as I pulled it out of my pocket.  It was giving off so much light, it actually allowed us to see the room around us.  It was Julio’s old living room.  Not quite as I remembered it, but close enough.  Some of the furniture was different but what of it was there was dirty and falling apart (literally).  It also looked like there was some water damage to the place.  That explained the moldy smell.

As I held the worry stone object up to see more of the room, I noticed that it began to flash a bit faster.  Instinctively, I moved toward the back of the room, toward’s a doorway I found myself remembering from all those years ago.  As I came closer and closer to it, the worry stone flashed faster and faster.  As I reached the door it stopped flashing and took on this soft warm, yellow glow that sort of throbbed, almost like a heartbeat.  I saw, coming from underneath the door, a similar, soft yellow, throbbing glow.  I opened the door and saw a massive silhouette of a tangle of metal objects. In the middle of it all was an object, placed in a position that almost made it seem like it was placed there for us, or maybe me, to find it.