FIRE ESCAPE Chapter 1 20180109

I felt around for a light switch and found it.  The pale white light from fluorescent bulbs instantly illuminated the entire space, showing me the pile of left over junk I assumed Julio could never sell.  With everything lit up, I could see that the glowing object seemed to be impaling the pile of weird junk.  It was spilling it’s own light around the back of the pile and in front as well, despite the bright fluorescence.  The warm yellow light from the object still managed to seem brighter than the light from the ceiling.

I held out the worry stone and the throbbing synchronized.  

“What IS that thing?” Wise asked.  I had no idea, but it was becoming pretty obvious that the worry stone and this oblong, rusted football looking thing were connected somehow.  With my left hand I gently pulled the oblong football thing out from the middle of this pile of stuff while still holding the worry stone in my right.  As I got a better look at it, I could see toward the side closest to me, there was hole in the shape of the worry stone.  As I slide the worry stone into the slow Wise held out his hands.

“No wait–!”

Almost instantly, the glowing faded away, leaving me holding a weird looking, rusted metal football that featured a removable worry stone-looking homing device.

“So, what now?” I asked.

“You don’t know what that is?” Wise asked.

“No!  Do you?”

“Of course not–why do you think I was asking you?”

“So, this isn’t what Julio had of yours?”

“No, it isn’t.”

“Well, if the thing you are looking for is anything like this, it may be in this pile.”

“So, this is Julio’s place?”

“Yeah, but it looks like it was abandoned years ago,” I said.  “This room was his little warehouse of weird junk he’d sell weird people but clearly he left this junk behind.”
Wise began looking over the junk, seeming to recognize some of it.

“So, you know what some of this stuff is?”

“I do.  Some of it.  You don’t?  But you just said you recognized this stuff as Julio’s.”

“Yeah, I recognize that this stuff is his, but I don’t know what it is,” I said.

Wise seemed to be ignoring me.  He had made his way from one side of the pile to the other and seemed to have decided that what he was looking for was not there.