FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 4/13/18: What are They Up to?

First off, a quick note–I have been writing every day since January 1, 2018.  I just haven’t been able to keep this blog up to date.  From here on out, I will do my best to.  To catch up, you can read the earlier posts if you want, but it’s probably best to grab and read the PDF.  Click below to get it:

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OK, here is the latest fiction–written just yesterday:

“To bring it back in, you guys saw the holo montage.  So, you know what we’re up against.  The double-oes are in our society now and it’s not clear how long they have been.  When I started working with the USG and Department M, I thought I was being pretty self-serving.  They wanted me to work on this crazy tech because of my experience with some of it which we had access to working for Julio.  That’s why he came to recruit me.  Because he knew I knew the tech better than him.  The only reason he is still working with them is because I played their game for so long.  But one thing I didn’t include in that holo montage was this little 3-D goodie.”  Jill had moved to one of the computer keyboards in her lab circle and tapped some keys causing a holo video to appear floating around us of Julio meeting with a familiar looking white guy in a suit in some public space someplace in what I guessed correctly was New York City.
“Hey, isn’t that that one politician guy we saw in the video earlier?” KJ said.
“It is.  That’s  New York State Senator, Theodore Tedesko.  Who is also this guy.”  Jill pulled up a clip from earlier of a guy, who is clearly a double-o, appearing from a Fire Escape and slowly shift his shape to that of State Senator Tedesko.
“So, they’re infiltrating not just our society, but one of the bodies that govern that society,” KJ said.
“Possibly,” Jill said.
“Yo, what do you mean, possibly?” Kate began.  “He’s a state senator. What’s more evil that coming from another place and taking a political job meant for an actual citizen of the state?”
“Well, it’s not illegal if you’re a citizen and this guy has a social security number and a state issued drivers license.  Hey, Jim, come in here a sec.”
Jim Smart the 4th, entered the kitchen.  “Yeah, what’s up?”
“Search the New York State law database and tell me—is there a law preventing anyone from outside the state from moving to New York and running for office?”
“Uh, no—no law that I could find.  In fact several out of non-residents moved to the state and ran for office.  Most famously Hillary Clinton.”
“Oh, yeah, I forgot about that.  But this dude is from another dimension, right?”
“Jim, is there a law that specifically bans people from other dimensions from running for office in the state?”
‘Now, come on—of course, there isn’t a law like that,” Kate said.
“So, you get my point,” Jill said.
“So, like the real question then is, arethey evil?” Kate said.
“Or do they just want to be active citizens, taking part in local Earth politics?”