FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 4/14/18: Does the Absence of Good Automatically Mean Evil?

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“That’s absurd, I don’t care how… ugh—you’re supposed to be smart.” KJ seemed suddenly disillusioned with my sister’s suggestion that the double-oes might not be up to no good.

“The absence of evidence of good is not evidence of evil,” Jill said, adding, “And I’m the one who invented technology that lets humans travel between holes in spacetime—I think that makes me a little smarter than someone who frequents Alex Jones’s Twitter feed.”

“That guy is a hack and a sellout.”

“My point, made.”

“Huh?” KJ was honestly perplexed.

“That’s twice now,” Jill said mockingly.

“Wait, what are you talking about?”

“Kage, just let us smart women do the thinking, we got this,” Kate said joining in on the KJ-smackdown.

“Jake, are you going to just stand there?”

“Yeah,” I said shrugging.

“Look, the point is this, there is no evidence pointing at the Double-Oes entering our society with bad intentions and because of that, we need to proceed carefully.”

“Except for the fact that they’re doing it in secret,” KJ said.

“Dammit, KJ, what did I just say?” Kate said, giving him a very dirty look.

“What? It’s an honest question!”

“It kind of is, you two,” I said.  “Why go secretly when they could just ask for asylum or citizenship or whatever.”

Jill looked at me like I’d just failed my IQ test.

“Jake, America isn’t nice to human beings from THIS dimension!  How do you think they’d be accepting aliens from a trimension?”

“Ah, well, this is true.” Jill had so much energy behind her voice, it was hard to have a clear enough mind to even try to take on her any of her arguments.  I had forgotten this part of her.

“You two are sounding like Julio and his handlers.  Assume nothing without proof.  Go where the evidence leads you, not where you want the evidence to lead you.”

“What do you mean?  What does Julio sound like?” I asked.

“That’s why I had to bail on him and Department M.  It sounded like they were mobilizing for war agains the Double-Oes.  At the very least for a cold war with them, if nothing else.”

“Is it seriously that serious?” I asked.

“Yes, Jake.  It is seriously that serious.”