FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 4/20/18: Losing Wise

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When the blue flash pulled away from my eyes, and I was on the other side of the Fire Escape, I found myself feeling colder than I’ve ever felt before.  It was like being frozen in ice, only it was the air that was frozen around me.  That meant I could move, but only long enough for my my hands to reach my own neck where suddenly I was having trouble breathing.  The air was going in, but my lungs didn’t seem to be hungry for it.  I tugged at my shirt collar only to realize a tight collar was definitely not my problem.  It was the air—it was the lack breathable air.  I looked over to Wise to see him single handedly beating up the two thugs.  The lack of oxygen started to take its toll on me.  I wished I’d taken a deep breath before letting gravity pull me off of that stall wall.  I dropped to my knees and saw my skin turning blue.  I looked up to see Wise, walking toward me touching his right palm—scratching it with his index finger… or was he swiping at it?

“Look at me, Jake,” he said with a tone in his voice that made is command impossible to disobey.  He looked me in the eyes, with a look of deep fear in his.

Then, he kissed me.

Well, kissing wasn’t what he was doing.  He was exhaling into my mouth.  Once I realized that was what he was doing, I tried inhaling and immediately felt better.  I looked past him and saw we were surrounded by stars with only dirt and rock below us.  A surge of adrenaline, hit me and I felt like I was on a roller coaster.  Once he finished exhaling oxygen into my lungs he grabbed my hand and squeezed it hard.  He pulled his lips away from mine and spoke.  “You have the Conveniencer.  It will only last a few seconds, but it will fix you.  Use the Accessory to go home and don’t worry about me—I’ll find you!”

He shoved me away from him and turned back to face the two thugs.  One of them had his gun pointed at me and looked like he was about to pull the trigger.  He did, but not before Wise moved in front of the gun.  Wise’s body shuddered and fell to the ground slightly more slowly than I’d expected.  That’s when I noticed we were on an asteroid.  A big asteroid.  The two thugs aimed their pistols at me as I heard a voice. 

“Please give CONVENIENCER access to bodily functions.  Say ‘granted’ if you agree.”


Suddenly, I felt my body jerk out of the way of the oncoming blasts from the thugs pistols. 

“Now accessing recently acquired motor skills.  If you wish to revoke this permission, you can visit the CONVENIENCER settings menu.”

Suddenly the Accessory was in front of me and my hands were doing what they should do to open the Fire Escape and in seconds, was back in that bathroom stall at work. 

I lost my footing and once again dropped to my knees.  I slumped to the wall and then the floor.  I looked at my left hand, the hand that Wise had held and, on the palm, saw a dark brown ring with a triangle in the middle of it.  The triangle was pointing toward my fingers.  “CONVENIENCER is now disengaging control of this biological unit.  Thank you for using CONVENIENCER.”  I watched as the ring and triangle slowly faded like fresh Sharpie ink.