FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 4/29/18: The Plan to Get Wise (Again)

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“Oh, so you’re saying that time you fed us food made of light was just a joke?” KJ said loudly.

“I’ll just print this out for you.”

“Print it?” I said.

“Ooo, you guys have a 3-D printer?” Kate sounded impressed. Jim walked over to a clear box as a flat metal plate rose upward like an elevator with no one riding it and then slowly began to lower down but with layers after layer of the same glasses Jim had held out to me in hologram form. It was a good few minutes before the “print” even looked like anything because the glasses were printing at a weird angle. 

“Wow—that is printing fast,” Kate said, still sounding impressed. While I was getting bored waiting. I guess I don’t know much about 3-D printers.

“What will those do?” KJ asked

“They defend against a sudden surge of radiation of any type. The lenses shift, allowing more or less light in depending on the conditions.”

“So, I’m going to blind them?”

“Good thinking, Jim!” Jill said suddenly.

“Thank you, Dr. Rivera!”

“You got one of those flash bang grenades cops use on protestors or something?” KJ asked.

“He doesn’t need them because he has the Accessory. That thing kicks out so much light you could give concrete a sunburn.”

“And the glasses I just designed will allow you to see in normal light regardless of the actual lighting around you.”

I could see why Jill kept Jim around—not only was he handsome, he was also handy!

And that was the plan. Fire Escape back to the exact moment I left Wise via the same Fire Escape.  There was just one thing left. “Cold weather clothes. I am not going in this jumpsuit. I want my own clothes back and something warm to go over them.”