FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 5/12/18: The Plan Gets Complicated!

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With the new time constraint, I was a little panicked as to what to do. I did my best to take a lot of deep breaths but not too many.  Green, there is no way to get me out to that spot where your thugs found me.

“She says that there are cameras all around looking for you. No way, no how you can get out there,” Surin translated Green’s words.

“You’ve got to go for me then.” Surin’s jaw went slack for a long moment until both Green and I yelled “translate!” at him at the same time.

Surin, startled by our simultaneous use of the word “translate” immediately looked to Green and translated.

But that gave me an idea on how to pull off this crazy idea.  Then I looked to Green as she listened to Surin and noticed something. Before that moment, in the darkness of the room, I hadn’t noticed she wasn’t green anymore—her skin like a faint pink. Like all of the green melanin had vanished from her skin.

“Hey Surin, why is Dr. Green’s skin not green?”

“Mr. Jacob, I keep telling—she not green her name is…” he then said her real name to me and, if I’m being honest, I’m not sure how to spell the first syllable. I don’t even think there’s a sound like that in the English language.

“No, Surin—why is her skin—“ I stopped and looked at Green and touched her light pink hand. “Why is this not green?”

She hesitated, looking from me to her hand.

“Night time color. When sleep deep,” she said.

I smiled. “Fascinating. And you’ve picked up some English.”

“Green, I need you to go get my friends. Without Wise, they are the only ones who can help.  You’re a good person. I can tell!” I took her hand and looked her in the eye.

She took a long moment as her eyes seemed to become more wet.

Finally, she nodded.

“Thank you,” I said.

“But only you small cells can work Accessor-thing. How she work it?”

“Good question. Any ideas, Doc?”

“I think!” She sounded confident.

“Also, you’ll need to learn more English. Doesn’t anyone have a universal translator in space? Star Trek lied, man!” That last part I said under my breath but Surin heard me.

“Ah yes! Star Trek! Saw this docu-d-d-documentary!”
I grinned and shrugged.

“Translator works but Earth languages complex and not always same,” Green said. She had a point there.