FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 5/13/18: Out of a Frying Pan into a Hotter Frying Pan

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When I woke later that morning, I doubted I had gotten much sleep. Honestly, my sleep patterns had been seriously hit and miss. Some nights I’d be so exhausted that I was out like a light without trouble the moment my head hit the pillow. Other nights, I was all kinds of restless. That night I was restless and running low on actual sleep time so I woke bleary-eyed and slow. I tried to remember everything Green had told me in the middle of the night.

First, I was to be handed over to the folks from Department M late morning which wasn’t the worst fate I could meet. Second, I gave the Accessory to Green along with some DNA samples so she could find a workaround to using the thing to go tell Jill what had happened.  

The thing was basically a time machine so I knew she could go back to just before I got captured and get help. Of course, Jill had said the way time travel actually works is that you can’t change the past.  That meant that if Jill was going to come save me, she’d have done it already. Then a depressing thought occurred to me. What if she had tried and failed?
I pushed the idea out of my head since nothing could be done but hope that wasn’t true.

So, when I was woken that morning, I was feeling pretty tired but just assumed it was late morning and I was to be handed over to  Department M. I was also hoping for my the rainbow breakfast I’d gotten used to. Those multi-colored puddings had grown on me. 

However, no breakfast for me. A guard threw my clothes at me and barked a command I could not understand. I was pretty sure he was telling me to put on my clothes.  I did as I was told despite the fact that he was giving me no room for modesty.  I just quickly sat up and pointed myself away from him, dropping my legs over the far side of the bed.  I even put on my rich lady fur coat. 

As I was shoved out the door of my cell and then escorted by three identical looking guards down the corridor, I glanced around at the other people we passed on the way to the landing pad.  Some were minding their own business while others craned their necks to see who I was.  When they saw me some seemed mildly impressed while others shrugged and went back to their day.  None of the people we passed were Dr. Green.  I was a little surprised she wasn’t there to see me off.  I felt a little nervous, even though she had told me I was being handed over to Department M.

Of course, the reality I wasn’t being handed over to Department M.

When we got out to the landing pad, there was a craft there waiting for me that looked half like a quadcopter and half like a flying saucer.  It had a ramp leading up to its hull and inside.  As we got closer, I saw figures descend the ramp.  I could see that none of them were Uncle Julio.  In fact, none of them were appeared to be human.  My stomach felt like it dropped through the floor as I recognized their elongated features.  Shit… they were Double-Oes.  I turned to the guards and started pleading with them.

“Guys!  This is a mistake!  I’m supposed to be handed over to Department M!  From Earth!”

The one that had thrown my clothes at me nodded toward the ship and said one word: