FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 5/16/18: The Dead of Space

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I don’t know how long I stared out that window, or porthole I guess they’re called. 

Instinctively, at one point, I looked to my watch for the time only to see my bare wrist staring back at me. Why did I ever stop wearing that old Casio digital watch? That thing’s battery never died. You never realize how much you rely on these smart devices until you realize you left your charger at home.

That and when you’re on an alien space ship with no compatible outlets around. After that realization I felt less bad about leaving my charger at home.

“It’s not like I expected to have ended up in deep space or anything. I only expected to visit another dimension.”

Yep, I was talking to myself. I started walking around while talking to myself. But that didn’t last long before I came across an alien body part, winced, and shrunk back to the window. I was able to find a box or crate or whatever and moved it to the window so I could sit and stare out at the stars. Staring out at the motionless stars was better than facing all that carnage I’d done.

The crate I was sitting on was kind of cool. It felt like it was made of some kind of carbon fiber or just really tough plastic, but it was stuck to the floor until I pressed a button embedded in one of the corners which caused a magnet (I guess?) to turn off and allow the thing to be moved. There was another button on the corner directly opposite that opened the top up. Inside were just some things packed in some sort of hard foam. Like when you buy electronics only seemingly not so environmentally friendly. I had no idea what the things in the foam were. I just wanted to sit.

And I sat for a while. Again, since I left my watch and my phone at home, I had no way to know how long any of this was. Yeah, I suppose I could have had a look around to see if there was a way out of the hold but Remember all that stuff I mentioned about not wanting to face my own carnage? Yeah, that.

But at some point, I heard a voice…