FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 5/18/18: How to Save Your Own Skin in an Hour, step 1!

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There really wasn’t much to think about.  Considering the guy I’d actually seen morph from a Conva to a human only to have him lie, hologramatically, to my face about being human told me that I probably shouldn’t trust anything he says.  The question at that point was, what could I do about it?  Stay on the ship and get blown out of the stars?  Immediately I decided that there had to be other options open to me.  I could stall for more time, I supposed.  What good would that do if I hadn’t at least started working on a plan to get myself out of this mess before I ran out of the initial hour.

I looked around the hold again while still avoiding my self-caused carnage.  Both then, and in hindsight, I’m glad it would continue to bother me.  Discovering I was no longer completely human was scary enough.  Knowing I could still feel human was a relief.  There were a lot of things in the cargo containers and crates in the hold, but most of the things I found were things utterly unrecognizable to me.  However, I’d uncovered a case of these magnetic grenade-like things that for some reason I recognized.  Maybe Julio sold them or similar back when I when I worked for him?  I wasn’t sure.  But I recognized them and knew how to work them.  So, I just placed about fifteen of them on the door that led to the rest of the ship.

As I tapped the “arm” sensor on each one, I hoped that I wasn’t using so many I might harm the ship itself in some way.  Then I turned my back on the door, ran toward a cargo container, leapt up onto it and then jumped behind it as the magnetic grenades detonated in a really quite echoing explosion. The noise actually left me with a headache.

If you’re wondering about my single leap up to the top of the cargo container, yeah, I was too, but the explosion distracted me away from wondering too long.

I leapt back up to the top of the container and could immediately see the door had been taken out along with some of the door frame. 

“Not bad for my first time blowing up a door!” I said, making my way to the still smoking hole.

Finally, I had some options!

Well, I assumed that I did, anyway.