FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 5/22/18: Yeah, It’s Just Getting Worse for Jake, Now…

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“No no no no no no!” I said as I kept pressing those thumb buttons. Then I tried to hit the throttle and turn the ship away from the oncoming one but the ship did not respond to me moving the slider or the sticks.

“Mr. Rivera, you’ve really limited your own options.”

It was that politician again. I looked over my shoulder and saw his hologram again right beside me.

“Oh, hi!” I said sarcastically.

“Mr. Rivera, not only have you limited your own options but you‘ve removed any of mine. 
This call was the last nice thing the Conva will do for you and you may have sacrificed the lives of your friends.”

Yeah, if I believed you.

“Hey, Councilman, I was just trying to explore my options here. You can’t blame me.”

“You knew what your options were before you tried to hijack that Conva ship.  And then you tried to fire on the Conva ship that was moving to intercept you and that the use of the usurpation code transmission that disabled your ship and gave control of it over to the Conva interceptor. As I said—you are officially out of options.”

“What if I find the override that overrides your usurption code?”

“How do you know that ship so well?” he said under his breath.

“Does that mean there is one?”

He continued under his breath as though he suddenly wasn’t being watched. “Look—I am trying to keep you out of trouble. I can stall that Conva ship for about 5 minutes. If you can find that override in that time, do it and get out of here!”

“Wait! What about my friends and sister?”

He looked around suspiciously and then his hologram vanished.

I immediately started scouring the dashboard for something that looked like it was the override for their override. I moved my hand over red buttons, blue buttons, green switches, a big purplish button that was more like a ball, a cube-shaped button that was yellow, and star-shaped switch, there was even a small video screen with an animated icon that looked like a smiley face and nothing was screaming “OVERRIDE” at me.




I just started tapping on things. Even things that didn’t look like buttons or switches. 

Frustratingly, none worked.

I felt anxiety creeping over me again as I saw the other ship get closer. It was the same flying-saucer-quadcopter-looking design as the ship I was in.  I could feel my heart pounding.  The light in the cockpit started to dim, just like the lights in the hold before I massacred those Conva. I wondered if this was me about to morph into a Conva again or what. I stood up and looked at my arms. The were starting to look longer to me.  Then I noticed a smell.  It was like pot smoke only sweeter. like pot smoke and cotton candy.  I tried to sit back down and realized, I could not move.