FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 5/23/18: And That was Pretty Much That…

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So that was that. As that politician guy had explained, they did that usurpation code thing that allowed them to take over the ship remotely and then flooded the cockpit with some sort of paralyzing gas.

Frustratingly, I was paralyzed, standing there as I watched a single Conva enter the cockpit, literally pat me on the head with his creepy elongated right hand and then sit in the chair I’d been sitting in moments before. I watched as he placed his hands on the two control sticks (which fit him perfectly, by the way) and then reach out to that purplish, ball-shapped button. Before he pushed it, he looked over at me with a hideous grin on his face.

Alright, jackass, rub it in my face a little more.

He then pressed it and took control of the ship, piloting it to a location in the middle of nowhere where he then brought the ship to a complete stop. He then held out his hand and crossed two of his elongated fingers like he was a human wishing for luck—only instead of luck, out, in front of the ship a blue star appeared and grew larger and larger, quite quickly—it was a Fire Escape!

It got so big, it was big enough to fit the entire Conva ship. The pilot then tapped the throttle forward and we eased toward the blue star until we moved through it.

Immediately, I recognized where we had ended up—the place we called the Fire Escape dimension—or trimension, I guess.

I could see the purple mountains. I also saw one of those giant box ships float across our flightpath. We looked like we were going to collide with it—but at the last second, like some massive whale, it all too slowly turned to face us and just as we were about to impact, a large hole opened in the surface and swallowed us up.

Inside was a very curvy hangar bay filled with ships just like the one we were in only with different paint jobs. We landed and I was taken into custody by some very important-acting Conva. I was told in very broken English that I was a prisoner of strife (like “Prisoner of War”) and that I would be held in custody for the duration of said strife.  Guess that made me a PoS.