FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 5/25/18: Meanwhile, Back at Nowhere House

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“Who the hell are you?” KJ asked.

“And how did you get the Accessory?” Kate asked.

“And how did you use it without my brother’s DNA?” Jill asked.

“Sorry, I explain, here:” Dr. Green said before showing them a hologramatic letter that I dictated.

“How do we know Jake actually wrote this? Letters can easily be faked,” KJ said.

The good thing was that after I wrote the letter, I figured it wouldn’t be enough. So, Green showed them the video I shot.

“Hey guys, it’s me,” I said in hologramatic form.  “Everything in the letter is true.”

“How do we know this video is the real deal?” KJ said.  I paused and said “KJ, this video is one hundred percent real, OK?  Who else would know how skeptical you are?”

KJ smiled, knowing that I knew him well.  My video finished and Green seemed to think it had persuaded them.  Buuuut it didn’t.

“I still need more proof,” Jill said.  Green held her hand out toward Jill.  “I am doctor. I understand proof.  Take di-en-ay.”

Jill approached Green with one of those little jabbing things that pokes holes in skin so a small blood sample could be taken.  She used it on Green before Green jerked her hand away in pain.

“What!” She said grabbing at her finger.  “Not fluid—skin!  Did not change my di-en-ay!  Just on top of skin.”

“Oh!  Sorry,” Jill said, going back to a first aid kit she had stashed underneath one of the consoles.  She handed a band-aid bandage to her.  Green just stared at it as Jill took scalpel and, without drawing any blood, scraped off the flakes of skin and then guiding them into a petrie dish.    

Kate saw Green’s confusion at the band-aid still in its wrapper as a little dot of her blue blood on her finger began to roll over to the underside of her finger.  Kate snatched it from Green and opened it.  “Sorry, Dr. Rivera isn’t a medical doctor.”

Kate peeled the two paper bits off of the adhesive parts of the bandage and then wrapped it around Green’s finger. Green smiled and nodded and Kate smiled and nodded back.

Meanwhile, Jill was already scanning the skin flakes and staring at a computer screen. 

“Hey Jim, can you do the honors on this DNA?” Jill asked.

“Should take about ten minutes or so,” Jim said.

“Why are you doing this?  For Jake, I mean?” KJ asked Green.

“I help because I know massacre was not his choice. He changed against his choice. He–”
“Massacre?” Jill blurted out, interrupting Green. “Not again!”

“Yes, he killed many in self-defense needlessly as Conva only want hold him as prisoner of strife.”

“Why don’t you unpack the dynamic you, Jake, humanity, and these Conva guys have.” KJ said.

“My understanding not good.”

“You’re a doctor and you don’t understand the politics?”

“KJ, she probably means she doesn’t understand you.”

“Yes,” Green said, nodding. “But I understand now. Politics.  Politics difficult in mother language or other language.”

“True that,” Kate said. “But help us understand.  Where is Jake now?”

“Held until end of strife by Conva. My people, the Galak-Ga caught in the middle.”

“Galaga?  Like the old arcade game?” KJ asked.

“She said GalaK-Ga, dude.  Listen more closely,” Kate said with a smirk.

“What about Wise?” Jill asked.

“Jake’s friend—was killed in break attempt.”

“Oh,” Jill said, her face looking even more grave than usual.

“Did you know him or something?” KJ asked.
“Sort of,” Jill said.

“He could have helped a lot with all of this,” Kate said.
“Sorry. I did not know him but he was criminal to Galak-Ga.”

“Criminal?” Jill sounded more surprised than you’d expect for someone who only ‘sort of’ knew Wise.

“Yes, Jake trapped in case not by choice.”

“DNA scan results show both her DNA and Jakes DNA present in sample,” Jim said suddenly.

“OK, thanks,” Jill said.

“So, where is Jake now?” KJ asked.

“In ConvaSpace. In holding in unknown place.”

“Greeeeat, that should be easy to find,” KJ said shrugging.

“When he left you with the Accessory, what was your plan for helping us save him?”

Green looked down at the Accessory and shrugged, herself.  “No plan. Jake said you smart people.”

KJ cracked a toothy grin.  “Well, I’m glad he thinks so.”

“Dude!” Kate said staring at him.

“He’s right, we are smart people,” Jim said.

“Jim, you’re a hologramatic AI, you’re not a person!”

“That’s racist,” Kate said punching KJ in the arm.


“Apologize to him!”

KJ shrugged.  “Sorry, man.  HLM.”

“What’s that?” Kate demanded.

“Hologram Lives Matter.”

Kate and Jill both rolled their eyes at him.

“It’s true, our lives do matter,” Jim said.

“Hey—look,” Kate said, pointing to the Accessory still being held by Green in her left hand.  

“The little accessory to the Accessory—it’s missing.”

“Do you know where it is?” Jill asked.

“He just gave this.  What other thing is there?”

“He must still have it,” Kate said.

“How do you know?”

“Because, I remember him talking about it when he got back from your dad’s funeral.”

“Really? I don’t remember him talking to you about it,” KJ said.

“Well, he did to me.  He said it was something he found at home and he kept it with him from then on.  Even when he was in his bathrobe around the apartment.”
“So, all we have to do is wait for him to fiddle with it and then we can trace the signal it gives off straight to him,” Jill said, sounding confident in the plan.

“Yo, but can we even do that from here?  Where is ConvaSpace, anyway?” Kate asked.

“The Conva are what we call Double-O people, right, Doctor?” Jill asked.  Green nodded.

“So, ConvaSpace is the Fire Escape Dimension,” KJ declared.

“Sounds like it,” Jill said.

“Word, I like ‘ConvaSpace’ better than “the Fire Escape Dimension.”  It rolls off the tongue better.”

“Alright, then we better start working on some tech that can let us know when it picks up a signal from that thing,” Jill said.