FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 5/27/18: More Time Travel Minutia

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“But what would happen if we actually did use the history on the Accessory to go back to that exact moment that Jake went to?” Kate wasn’t ready to give up yet.

“Well, th-th-that’s not really something we should bother doing, is it? He’s not being kept on the asteroid, is he? He’s in the Fire Escape Dimension. So that’s not something we’re gonna do.”

“Could you just answer my question? What would happen?”

“We don’t have a lot of time for these hypotheticals but if you t-t-to use the exact same entry in the history, going the same direction, the system would auto-correct and skip you 6 seconds forward in time so you would not come in physical contact with yourself or accidentally exit a F-F-Fire Escape inside of someone else. Now I need to get to work with Jim on that tech for finding my brother.”

“Wait, so, if the Accessory skips you forward 6 seconds, can’t we kind of adjust that variable? Use it to get us there 6 seconds earlier.”

“Uh, yeah, maybe, but the system’s not that granular yet. It’s taken me a long time just to get it to where it is now.”

“But we’re outside of time here.”

“D-d-d-didn’t we have this discussion already? Time marches on for us here and every day I am aware that my little brother is in an alien prison cell is another day I am stressed even knowing a second hasn’t p-p-p-passed for him. I still know he’s there.”

“Right, got it, I understand. So, how can I help?”

“Uh, you can’t.”

“What? Yes I can!”

“You’re a soldering iron jockey. For the kind of stuff required at this level you need to be able to think in binary.”

“You’re not serious.”


Kate’s face sank.

“Jim, I gotta go to the bathroom but get to work and I’ll join you shortly.”

Jill left the lab area and Kate approached Jim.

“Yo Jim, any chance you could do a sister a solid and catch me up so I can be of some use?”

“Oh, hey, Kate, that’s a great idea. Thing is, I don’t think Dr. Rivera would appreciate using processor time helping you while her brother is trapped in an otherworldly alien prison cell do you?”

Kate shrugged and then realized something. “Hey Jim—what about your AI girlfriends? Couldn’t they help me?”

Jim looked past Kate and smiled. “Hey ladies, can you give my friend here a hand?”
Kate turned to see Iris, Axela, and Gail standing behind her smiling.

“Of course!” they said enthusiastically and in perfect unison.

“Oh, man…” Kate said.