FIRE ESCAPE First Draft update for 5/28/18: So, THIS is How It’s Going to Go?

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At some point, the discussion turned to how they would actually get me out of the facility I was in. They assumed rightly that it would be effectively a prison camp. High security. Lots of guards and defenses.

They quickly realized this was not something a former government scientist on the run, an AI, and my two best friends could handle on their own.

If only I had a handle on my ability to change into a Conva, or whatever killing machine I had turned into back on that Conva saucerquadcoptership I could have broken out and met them half way, not that they would have know about that ability of mine.
Regardless, what they eventually came up with was novel, but risky.

I had just caught the worry stone in my right hand after tossing it in the air out of boredom a few times when the doorway materialized in the wall again.

Two Conva guards barked orders that I could not understand but their waving gesture told me they wanted me to leave my cell.

“Really? Already? But I just got here!” I said, fully not expecting them to respond to me or even understand.

I did as I was gestured, stood and left the cell. They ushered me surprisingly politely to the hangar bay. I saw the ship I’d managed to hijack on the right three ships down. The paint patterns on the outside of each ship were very different from each other.

Then I saw KJ. He was standing with some sort of gun pointed at the head of that politician guy—the same one that had pretended to be human with me.

My stomach immediately turned to stone as I realized the bigger picture.

What was KJ thinking risking his life and mine with a stunt like this?!? This is not something he is qualified for—he has zero military or fight training and if this thing goes south he’ll need both big time. At that moment I was pretty sure the only direction it could go in was south.
I stared at the gun KJ held and I wasn’t even sure it was real. Then I remembered the last time I saw him with a gun of any kind—it was in a photo of him doing some sort of wilderness training program. Only, the more I thought about it the more I thought it was not a hunting rifle he was holding in the photo.
Maybe he had military training after all?