FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 5/29/18: The Hand-Off…

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There was one thing that ended up coming into play that I would never have considered.  

The Conva were not horrible people.

“You really don’t have to keep that gun to my head.  You found me out and now you’re trading me for one of your own,” the politician said.

“That’s great, pal, but we Earthlings aren’t so easy to fool,” KJ said sounding like some action movie hero.

“Yes–this is what I’m telling  you—you’re not being fooled.”

“Sure, sure.  Hey you.  You ready to trade?  Mine for yours?”  KJ was looking past me to the Conva guard to my right.  That guard shrugged and muttered something in his language and both he and the other guard who had each held an arm of mine tightly around the tricep area, let go. Almost instinctively, I took a step forward.  About twenty feet away from me, KJ shoved the politician forward, but kept his gun aimed at the politician’s head.

“Get walkin’, ya faker, and know this gun is still pointed at your head.”

“Oh, please, you’re surrounded. If you shoot me, they’ll all shoot you.”

“Yeah, well, then we’d both be dead.”

The politician rolled his eyes as we passed each other.  Just as he disappeared from my view, he added: “Earthlings…”

I reached KJ and gave him a hug—or tried to.  He shoved me away.  “Stop! I have to keep us covered!”

KJ jerked his gun from one of the Conva guards to the other and back.  “KJ, it’s good.  They are clearly cool.”

“How do I know they didn’t torture you into saying that!?!”

“They treated me fine, even after I killed a bunch of their people.”


“Dude, put the gun down and tell me your exit strategy.”

“What? Oh, it’s cool.  We’ve got a car outside the hangar that’ll take us out to the the Fire Escape.”  He pointed toward a door on the far side of the hangar.

“Really?  OK, cool.  Let’s go then.”

“Yeah, definitely,” KJ said, slowly backing away from the ‘confrontation zone’ as I walked casually toward that door.  I stopped and, looking back at KJ, saw that I had gotten about twenty feet ahead of him because he was still backing away from the the politician, the Conva guards and all the other armed and unarmed Conva standing around.  Some of them stared at us, slack-jawed, while others shook their heads, while others just shrugged and went back to what ever they were doing.

“Kim John!! Would you come on!” I yelled, adding, “You’re embarrassing us!”

“What? Why?!?”

“Just let’s go!”

We moved quickly toward the door and then through it as KJ literally flipped up a transparent hood on the jumpsuit he was wearing and then zipped the hood’s front, creating an air-tight seal.

We stepped outside and saw a brilliant, huge, starry sky above us.