FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 6/1/18: No, Seriously, Where DID you Fire Escape us?

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“I have no idea,” I said, still staring at the skyline all around us.
I noticed one of those people flying overhead with a jetpack dropping slowly toward us and then landing on the sidewalk across the street. It was a woman dressed in almost perfect 1950s clothes–a pretty flowered blouse but instead of the skirt I’d expect, she wore pants that matched her blouse.  Once the flames stopped spewing from her jetpack, she crossed the street and approached us.
“Can I help you folks? You look like you may be a little lost.”

“Uh, yeah, thanks, can you tell us where we are?” I asked.
“Oh and do you have the time?” KJ asked, adding: “And the date?”

“Well, you folks are in the Showa neighborhood. And the date is—“

“Where’s THAT?” the old lady interrupted. 

“What, uh, SHE means is what town is this, er, city?”

“And the date, year first preferably.”

“Year? City?” I think I’m going to need you to stay right here. She slowly backed away from us and spoke into her watch something we couldn’t hear.

“Uh, hey, listen young lady, we don’t want any trouble,” the old lady said.

“Uh, yeah, miss—we’ll just hop back in our space car and get on out of your fine city,” KJ said, smiling motioning with his hands for us to get back in the car.

“No, that’s—hey you! Stop right there!” she said rushing toward the car as we climbed in and slammed the doors.

Even with KJ and I on top of each other, I was able to pull up the history on the Accessory, dial to the second-to-last entry, where the old lady said it was used before. 

“Where’s the damn Fire Escape?!?” the old lady yelled as she slammed on the gas. Sending us forward, down the street toward a traffic circle with a big, beautiful fountain in the middle of it with a statue.

“Well, logically, it’s behind us,” I said. The old lady quickly imitated me in a mocking tone, adding: 

“Well, it’s a good thing there’s this random traffic circle here!”

As we curved around the circle and the statue, I caught a glimpse of a sign that read “Ellsworth” followed by another word I didn’t have enough time to focus on.  I tried to catch a second glance of it as we headed back around to the street we’d come from but I couldn’t manage it. Still, I was sure I’d heard the name before. 

“Kid!” the old lady barked causing me to almost drop the Accessory.  

“It’s right there!” I said, pointing at the glowing point in the distance. Just go back the way we came from.”

As we turned off of the circle, on to that street, we saw a bunch of flying vehicles lowering down to block our route.

Hang on, boys!!” the old lady said as she slammed on the gas, sending us forward faster.
Then the bright glowing ball hit us, expanded around us while turning blue and we appeared somewhere else…