FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 6/10/18: The Plan Going Forward

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“You’d think that once they knew we knew he was an alien, they’d know we’d notice if he was suddenly back,” Dot said.

“You would think,” Jim said.

“The dude did try to pretend he wasn’t an alien with me,” I said. 

“And we let him pretend after we picked him up,” Jill said.

“It was harder than I expected pretending I hadn’t seen Teddy Ted start out his day as a Double-O,” KJ said.

“That’s why I stayed away from him,” Kate said.

“How did you guys play it then?” I asked.

“We told him we knew he was working with the Double-Oes and that he was a traitor to mankind,” Jill said.

“And how did he like that?”

“He hated it, man,” KJ began. “He insisted he was only doing it in the interest of peace. Said he was on the human team that was negotiating some kind of mutual exchange treaty.”

“Yeah, the dude made it sound like he could work up a system to allow for trade between us and the Double-Os. Which seems pretty c-c-crazy to me. If they had wanted to enter into a t-t-trade agreement, why didn’t they just announce their presence after coming through a Fire Escape on the White House lawn?”

“Knowing the idiot who lives there, they’d be invited in to marvel at the size of his electoral college.”

“Well, Jill, you’ve been involved in this longer than us—is a treaty of any kind possible you think?”

“No idea, Jacob.  They kept all information about the Double-Oes from me.  They didn’t want me to even know they existed or that they were d-d-different from us.  They told me, and Julio, just what we needed to know to get the Accessory into a f-f-functional state.  Even when we found out about them, it was only through our own experimentation. Julio was the one who told me to remember our old c-c-customers.  Some were bad, some w-w-were not. Some were very g-g-good.  And o-o-o-others we were unsure about.”

“So, what’s the plan, kids?” Dot asked.

“More investigation?” Jim said.

“We still need to know their p-p-plans.”

“So, this Tedesko guy–he said he was on the human negotiating team?” I asked.

“Yep,” KJ said.

“I wonder if anyone else knew their human team had been infiltrated by a Conva shape-shifter,” I said.

“Maybe we should track down the other members of this human team and find out?” Dot said.

“S-s-sounds like we got our plan,” Jill said.