FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 6/11/18: Taking it Back to Ted!

Hey, neat!  Last week my wife was sick with a cold and this week, I’ve got a cold!  Hey, but I AM STILL WRITING!!
And if you are still reading, please let me know what you think so far!  If you aren’t reading, why not start by grabbing the most recent draft here by clicking the link below?

For a taste, read the latest words below this line:

“So, then how do we find the other members of the human negotiating team, man?” KJ asked. Kate quickly replied.  “The way things are these days, you don’t have to ever meet in person to be part of a team.  These dudes could be anywhere in the world.”

“Kate is right,” I said.  “When I was trapped on that Conva ship I met with Tedesko without him even being on the ship.  With the hologram tech we have here in your lab, Jill, we could be meeting with someone who wasn’t actually here with us and not even know!  Hell, your A.I. butler made us food made of light and we had no idea until we cut into it.”

“Are you still bitter about that?” Jim asked.

“Dude!  You fed us LIGHT,” KJ said, smirking at him.

“Word.  Finding them is going to be hard.”

“Well, we just start with our heads,” Dot said.

“How’s that?” KJ asked.

“I mean, just think for a sec.  We gotta start somewhere, so start with our pal, Ted.”

“But by approaching him, we t-t-tip our hand that we know he’s back.  Do we want to lose that advantage?”

“Well, we don’t even know it’s an advantage, really.”

“Now that we know where he is, let’s just tail him,” I said, adding: “None of our other leads have gotten us anywhere.”

“Time to bring it back to Teddy,” KJ said.

“It is good to not trap him while not meaning,” Dr. Green said.  “Many patients were scared, upset, even…” she waved her hands around, looking for the word… “smashing things.  They thought trapped.  They thought no hope.”

“That’s a good point, Doctor,” I said. “If we make him feel threatened, he’ll be much less willing to help or even think he has any option but run or worse.”  

I paused, for a moment flashing back to the massacre on the Conva ship that I could not remember, and had a realization. “Maybe that’s what triggered my transformation back on that Conva ship.”

I saw a very brief flash of recognition cross Jill’s face that was gone before I had a moment to focus on it.  Once again, she was keeping something from me–something that could help me understand what had happened to me and what I had done all those years ago, but that would have to wait.

“Well, can we look at more CCTV footage in the area of that support building?” KJ asked.  “That camera can’t be the only one that caught him.”

“I’ll see what I can find,” Jim said.