FIRE ESCAPE First Draft update for 6/14/18: But Who IS the Other Person at the Coffee House?

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Luckily, Jill was just in her own world enough to ignore Dot’s declaratives.  Jill crossed her arms and wondered aloud: “Can we find out who that lady is before we go and have Jake go and get her?  There’s no guarantee that she’s as vulnerable as she looks.”

“What?” KJ said, looking back at the lady in the hologram of the coffee house.  He shook his head.

“Trust me,” Jill said.  “Jim, can you do some face rec on her and ID her?”

“Searching databases will take a bit of time.”

“No worries, we’ve got plenty of that.”

I was anxious and about to say something when Kate grabbed my arm.  She usually isn’t one to touch anybody.

“Jake–are you sure you want to do this?”

“Kate, what do you mean?  You saw the hologram–I do it.”

“Yeah, but there are alternative explanations, dawg.”

“Like what?  You saw me in the holgram–it was me, dressed like me, doing something me would do.”

Kate smiled slightly.  “I just want you to be sure.  You in this video could be anything.  What if it’s not this you but a you in the future?  Like not today, but in a few days.”

“I’m literally wearing the same clothes in the holo that I am wearing right now.  Besides, what’s the worse that could happen?”

“You could get eaten by a shadow?  I dunno, man!  We’re dealing with a pretty wide cone of certainty, here.”

“Cone of…what?”

“Cone of certainty, or is it uncertainty?  I forget.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s just–imaging looking through a cone–toward the narrow tip, you see very little.  Through the wide end, you see a lot more.”

“So, a wide cone of certainty means there are a lot of things that could happen?”

“Word.  That’s what I’m saying.  We’re dealing with aliens from outer space, other dimensions, we know this dude is a Conva or whatever, what if she’s not human either?  You heard what Jill said.”

“That is a good point but what else is there to do? We needed a lead–something to investigate Tedesko with and now we have it–or are about to have it.”

“Her name is Mary Manchester,” Jim announced. Jill began to read from a file that appeared, floating in front of her.  “She works for the New York State Chamber of Commerce.  Though, her background is in international relations, on the c-c-corporate side.  She’s negotiated multi-b-b-billion-dollar deals.  Yeah, I can see why she m-m-might be on the HNT.”

Looks like we have that clue,” I said, looking back at Kate.  She just shrugged weakly.