FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 6/16/18: The Coffee Shop Part 1

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I chose the Fire Escape that was closest to the coffee house. I figured that there were always things that could go wrong with traffic or trains or even just walking.

So, I killed time window shopping, literally since it was after 8pm and most shops were closed except for food. I hadn’t had much Earth city food over the last few days so I grabbed a couple Papaya dogs and made my way back up to the coffee place. As I jaywalked across the street to the coffee house—half way across, a car screeched to a halt right in front of me. I stopped, obviously, unsure what to do.

The rear passenger door closest to me opened and KJ climbed out, eyeing the coffee house. He knocked on the roof of the car with his knuckles. “It’s all good, Jake! Manchester is in there! Traffic is good, too.”

The other passenger door opened and I saw another me run into the coffee house. Then KJ 
glanced around as though he were looking for something. Then he spotted me. “Ah! Hey, Jacob!”

“Hi!” I said waving.

“Will you guys quit goofing off!” Kate said from the front passenger side window. 

“Hi Kate!” I said.

“Yo Jake.”

“Can you guys tell me what’s going on?” 

“Quick! Kage! Here he comes!” Kate said, causing her and KJ’s attention to turn back to their missing before they could answer my question.

Just then the other me came out of the coffee house, with Manchester following.  They climbed into the back seat and the car sped off. 

I shrugged and then decided to head back and get a third Papaya Dog and then head back to the portal and back to Nowhere House.