FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 6/20/18: What EXACTLY are They Negotiating for?

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I thought as quickly as I could and then just spoke without a clear set of words I was about to use.  

“This is the thing… we don’t.  But I like to believe that all people–all sovereign beings–want the same thing.  To live and raise kids if we choose to have them and, generally, to live freely.”
Manchester’s eyes narrowed.  “How do I know that you’re not a Double-O?”

I smiled.  “You’re just going to have to trust me.”

She smiled, glanced to Kate, then to KJ and then back to me.  “We’re safe here for now, but I need to be back at my apartment by eleven for my check in with the other members of my team.  

But until then, we can talk and I’m going to need you to put all of your cards on the table, Mr. Rivera.”

“Yo, doing that would be stupid.  Why don’t we just take you back to our secret lair underneath Niagara Falls and show you our army of super robots, while we’re at it?”

“My colleague has a good point,” I said.

“We can go halvesies, though, right?” KJ said shrugging.

“Something like that,” I said.  “Here’s some of what we know–there’s an invasion happening.  

They call themselves the Conva. We call them Double-Oes.  They’ve infiltrated all parts of human society.  We want to know what you know about this invasion and exactly what you are negotiating with them for.”

“Obviously, we’re negotiating for peace.  There are two factions of Double-Oes.  One wants to quietly secrete themselves into human society and live normally, or as normally as they can, for the rest of their days–doing exactly as you said, Mr. Rivera.  They want to raise their families in a relatively free society.”

“Why can’t they do that in their own dimension?” KJ asked.

“We think it’s some sort of disaster that has happened. They won’t be more specific than to say that it’s of life-threatening importance that they leave.  The word they use is “setsuta”.  The closest word we can find in English is ‘imperative’.”

“What about the other faction?” Kate asked.

“They… they want all out war.”

“So, is this like an old school cold war, thing? Like back in the 1980s?” KJ asked.

“Pretty much.”

“Any defections?” KJ asked.


“You don’t think they might be spies?  Infiltrating our society?”

“Could be.  But we’re keeping tabs on them and the ones we officially accept into our society as part of the Alien Plan.”

“The Alien Plan?” KJ blurted out as though he was shocked to hear it.  Of course, so were Kate and I, we were just better at hiding our emotions.  Manchester looked me in the eye–I figured she had just figured out that we had no idea what the Alien Plan was.

“It’s probably above your pay grade.  Let’s just say it’s an international law that allows aliens to legally emigrate to Earth.”

KJ’s jaw dropped.