FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 6/21/18: Learning more about Tedesko AND Manchester…

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“Close your mouth, man—you knew aliens were real even before this stuff started!” Kate said shaking her head at KJ.

“Yeah, but you never believed me.”

“That’s true but you shouldn’t be slack-jawing now.”

“I’m only surprised because there’s a secret international law that exists. Governments, plural, know about this and are cool with it. Come on, Kate, that’s not surprising to you?”

“Of course it is. i just don’t get why anything surprises you at this point—you been going on about all this stuff for years.”

I looked Manchester in the eye and spoke forcefully: “So, why were you keeping Tedesko’s secret identity secret? Shouldn’t the rest of your team be aware that one of their team is, or was, a member of the opposition?”

“Ted was barely a member of the opposition. He had lived in the city for ten years.”

“How do you know?” KJ asked

“I was his neighbor.”

“Oh.” KJ, Kate, and I all exchanged glances.

“And you think ten years in the city makes you forget your loyalties to your homeland?” KJ asked.

“He’s grown roots, invested in his community, got elected to office by his community, he’s got kids in school.”

“Is his wife Conva?” I asked.

“I, well, I’m honestly not sure. What difference does that make?”

“Dunno. Just curious. I mean, we have footage of Tedesko leaving his dimension  looking like a Conva and morphing into a human. The footage is from a month ago I think.”


“So, if he visits home a lot maybe its for more than just to see family.” 

“What you think he’s spying on us? Funneling back ‘intel’ to the enemy, Mr. Rivera?”

“Maybe. Have you ever considered it?” I am sure I sounded like a newb to the world of interdimensional espionage but I thought my angle was a good one.

“What kind of stuff did Ted oversee in state government,” KJ asked, sounding like he already knew the answer.

“Uhm, infrastructure, mostly.”

“Uh-huh. Stuff like the water supply, power grid, bridges and tunnels?” Again, KJ sounded like he knew the answers before Manchester spoke them.
“Well, water and power, yeah, just because… well, he said his specialties from his home dimension translated over closely to hydro electric power systems.”

I suddenly realized where KJ was going with this.

“You don’t think he was in a position to help out your opposition being involved in all that?”
Manchester looked shaken.