FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 6/24/18: Where We Go After Julio

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Sorry for the short post today!  Read the latest words below this line:

Good old Uncle Julio was wearing a suit that day. Now, he’s definitely a guy who cleans up well. 

Thing is when we were kids, when we first knew Julio, he was never in a suit or a tie. It was always tank tops or t-shirts, jeans and, lots of times, sandals. So on that day and the few times previously when I saw him now, all these years later, it’s been pretty jarring to see him wearing dress pants, shoes and at least a button-down shirt, you know? He looked more professional before than he did when I was a kid, but on that day, he looked, well when I saw him, I was pretty sure he had just come from somebody very important or maybe a funeral for somebody important. 
See, Jill remembered a lot more from those two summers than I did—or maybe she had gotten to know him in these later years if working with him? I don’t know. 

The point is, she knew that eventually, he’d have a bad day and he’d want some comfort food from his favorite place in the city—it was a Dominican place back in Washington Heights, of course. It was done up in red velvet and wood paneling. It was small but not too small. It was easy for us to hang out in there without anyone really becoming suspicious. It was the kind of place people could hang out all day and just eat or drink. So we did that a few nights. Just Jill and I. I suppose I could go into what those first two nights were like but ultimately, it wasn’t that interesting. It was me trying to connect with my sister and her shoving her face in a laptop. Our dad used to call our devices “anti-personal devices” and he was right. It’s not even that surprising that she was ignoring me since that’s what she did for a good chunk of our teenage years.

Like I said, I could go into the attempted conversations we had but really nothing came up that was all that interesting. I didn’t feel like hashing everything out when Julio could walk in at any moment.

About an hour after we got there, he finally did.  He sat down and we waited until he ordered, then went over to his table and sat down.

“You should have asked for a table with one chair, Julio,” Jill said, sounding as cool as a cucumber.  Julio’s eyes went wide.  He was totally not expecting us.