FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 6/27/18: Yeah, Things Just Got Worse

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It was the sound of what I immediately thought was Julio’s death rattle that seemed to trigger the street lights to rise back up to allow my peripheral vision to see more than just my uncle’s face and my hands around his neck. My body felt strange—awkward, uncomfortable. I let my hands loose of Julio’s throat and stood up quickly. As I did I felt a bit of vertigo. I looked down at his body, which seemed so small or maybe just far away. I looked at my hands and saw they were distorted—elongated, almost monstrous. I took a step back from Julio’s body and put my hand to my mouth in utter confusion. 

I changed again but I had no reason to. I was not in any danger. I wasn’t even afraid. It was like my heart started racing as I got emotional and ran after him. I looked up at the street lights and decided they hadn’t gotten dim at all. My vision became restricted somehow while I morphed. Had my eyes changed? I put my hands to my eyes and while they did feel different, I could not tell how.  So, maybe it was something else? Had I somehow generated the darkness? Like those guys that Wise said has shadow generators.

But I don’t have a shadow generator.

I didn’t even bring the Accessory with me.

Finally, my concerns returned to Julio. I looked down and just as I saw his head move and heard a groan come from his throat, I noticed people walking past the alley I realized I was in the middle of. Was I still different? Was I still a Conva? I dashed behind a dumpster to hide from anyone walking by, but I was still in view of Julio on the ground. His eyes opened and he looked over at me and smiled weakly.

“Oh man, I thought you were cured…”