FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 6/6/18: Making the decision (and some NEWS)

Hey, so, it was my birthday yesterday and I’ve been struggling to keep up lately but I am doing it!  Sadly there are still going to be days like this where I’ve only written a tiny amount.  Better luck tomorrow!!  Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it!

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So at that point, it came back around to me. I stared off into space and thought. The question was really down to which matters more. Thanks to me being where ever there was, time wasn’t an issue like it is with other decisions most of us make, so even the word “priorities” didn’t quite work the way it normally does.

I decided I just needed to think prioritizing differently. Instead of time constraints, what would 
I want to get done first, just in general? Like if I were to die tomorrow, what do I wish I had 
done more? Fix my DNA or stop this invasion?

When I thought about it like that, there was no contest.

“Let’s stop this invasion.”