FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 7/11/18: Who Does Dr. Green Know?

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“Dr. Green, do you know any Conva personally?” Julio asked.

“No, not in person. But I know colleagues who do. If I could go to our dimension, I could send messages.”

“Are they encrypted?” Jill asked.

“What is this?” Green asked.
“Coded, hidden from anyone who might see them on the way?”

“On a tiny small cell level.”

Jill gave her a puzzled look. So, I explained: “She means on a cellular level.”

“Yes, cellular, but no—smaller. Next level smaller.”

“Molecular level?” Kate asked. Green thought for a moment and shook her head. “No, sorry, smaller.”

“Atomic?” Jim asked as Green tapped at a little smart device she brought with her from home. She looked up and said “No, smaller.”

“What’s smaller than atomic?” KJ asked instantly realizing what was smaller.

“Quantum encryption?” Kate said, sounding impressed.

“Yes! That is the word. Just found it.” Green pointed to the display on her handheld.

“That’ll do,” Jill said. “KJ, c-c-can you take her back to the trimension?”


“I should go, too,” I said, adding, “with my adaptation abilities, I can protect them if the Caretakers or anyone worse show up.”

“Man, I kinda want to go, too,” Kate said. “Feeling like I need to get some vitamin D or maybe just some fresh real air, know what I’m saying?”

Jim spoke. “But we need to finish working on our intel dossier.  I’m almost done with the AR simulation of the hub and I need to make sure it’s accurate.”

Julio spoke next. “Hell, I know the hub better than any of you. Kate, go with them if you want.”

“I’m sorry, I like my time with tech but I love the sun, too.”

“In the meantime, I will work with Jim, Dot, and…Julio, to work out our plan of a-a-attack.”