FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 7/19/18: The Lady in Yellow and the Flashes of Memory

Big long post coming tomorrow!  Watch for it!  It was a pretty intense little chapter that I wrote in one sitting because I didn’t want to stop or interrupt the flow in any way.  

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After that, the tension was, for the most part, pretty defused.  Or diffused. Whichever.  When we left Jill took my arm by the elbow and hugged as we walked out to our ride share and again, when we got in the car.  I had a flashback of when we were kids and she would do this.  I couldn’t remember why she did it but the feelings of love and stability passing through me were pretty wonderful.  I knew those feelings, along with her physical affections, would not last for long. By the time we got to the CCTV camera dead zone, and got out of the car, she was back to her normal, cold self.  Her mind always miles away, possibly dimensional rifts away, she once again came across as though she had a thousand things on her mind, all of them more important than you.

But hey, I was used to the status quo. However, she did have one more surprise up her sleeve. As we walked from the ride share to the dead zone, Jill said to me without looking at me: “Do you remember the Lady in Yellow?”

Once again, I felt the pull of my past but this wasn’t a full-on flash backward to my teenage years.  Instead, it was just a few fleeting flashes of memories, incomplete but still clear enough to get a flavor of the full moments they were part of. The first flash was of Jill running away from me in the tank top and sweat pants she’d wear to bed.  The second was me looking at her as we sat on a fire escape–an actual fire escape– outside of our NYC apartment hanging our legs off the side.  We had done this a lot whenever there was a fire escape for us to escape to.  The third was of me climbing a fire escape, looking up, I could see I was following Jill. The final flash was barely a glimpse of a woman in a yellow dress.  Or really, not even the woman but just her lower left leg and the lower right corner yellow dress as she ran out of view.  Then, I remember darkness.  

“Yeah, I think I do remember her.  Why?”

Jill sighed and shrugged.  “Ask me again some time.  I don’t think I’m up to telling you that store today.”

OK,” I said smiling.  As I held out the Accessory, something did seem a little different.  Jill seemed a little bit more relaxed–just a little bit, though.  I think only I could notice the difference.  And who knows? It could have been me that had changed from visiting our mom that day.  I really hoped it was her, too, though.