FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 7/24/18: Escaping the Fire Escape Dimension

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It was another minute before Julio was done with the bring-home device. It was a long minute.

“Hurry up, Dr, Julio!” I said, adding: “I can smell them on the other side of the bunker!”

“DONE!” Julio yelled as I tore apart the door leading back into the building and ran inside with Julio following me. Suddenly sparks flew as Conva bullets slammed into me. I motioned for Julio to turn around. “Can’t get out that way!”

“This way!” He yelled, I turned as more sparks flew off of the armor I’d generated for my back and followed him into something that looked like a closet but turned out to be something that looked more like a hospital room. I saw symbols on medicine bottles that looked like things from Earth. The red plus sign was everywhere. The text was almost our own alphabet.

Then I heard a gurgling moan. I looked toward one of the beds and saw a wounded Conva soldier just short of the bed. It looked like I’d torn his arm off just inside of his shoulder.

“Oh, damn, Little Jacob, you really messed that dude up.”

Anxiety filled up my insides. I imagined what he felt like and I knew I could not just leave him there. “We gotta find another way out of here.”

As I looked at the windows I could see the lights dimming again. 

“No no no no,” I started saying under my breath. The door Julio had barricaded with big Conva chairs and the big Conva-sized bed was now starting to shudder under gunfire.

“Do something, Super Jake!”

I was trying hard to fight the lights dimming and turned to see a large desk. I approached it, lifted it up and threw it at the windows. They shattered instantly.

I looked out and down and saw the desk rolling down the purple mountain.

I ran back to the wounded Conva and heaved him up onto my shoulder sending a good amount of his purple blood across my self-generated plates of armor. I walked over to the window and climbed up onto the sill. I reach out and above the window and jammed my right claw into the wall above the window.

“Come on! Grab onto me!” I growled. Julio looked petrified, but managed to get a grip on my other shoulder. I could see the door give way to more Conva soldiers who were shoving the furniture out of the way.

I pulled up and amazingly, I was able to pull my weight and the weight of the wounded Conva and Julio. I pulled up with my right claw and reached my left as far as it would go and then jammed it into the wall.  I pulled up with my left claw and had to push the poor wounded Conva’s head against the wall to stop it from sliding off my left shoulder and then repeated this process. Just as I got my right foot claw jammed into the wall, I felt the left foot, which was still in the window begin to tingle.  I assumed that was from bullets hitting it. 

After a moment we were all out of the way of direct fire and heading up to the windows of the hub.  I was so tall that in moments I had hauled us up to said windows. There was about six inches of concrete (?) in between each window, so I was able to jam a claw into there and hold us up.

“Almost!” I said. I could hear the Conva guy on my shoulder groaning still. 

“Hang in there, buddy!” I snarled. “I’m gonna do my best to make it up to you! Almost there!”

“Ok, now what? How do we get through the windows?!” Julio yelled.  I started pounding on the, what I assumed was, glass.  I couldn’t get up enough strength to actually break it.

“I can’t get through–not with you guys.” 

“Ohhhh, Little Jacob—behind us!” Julio said patting me on the head. 

“What is it? I can’t see!”

“I think they’re Conva ships.  They look like gunships to me.”

“Perfect!” I growled confidently.  “Get between me and the wall!”

He did and I pulled the Conva’s one arm and slid him mostly off of my shoulder, in front of me, so he was also in between me and the wall.  Then, gunfire erupted, shattering both windows. 

“I can make it!” Julio yelled as he leapt from me through the window to my right.  As gunfire continued to bounce off of me (thought I could feel it through my back plates), I managed to get my right foot through the broken window, where my foot claws grasped the bottom of the window frame, allowing me to pull myself and the Conva guy to the window.  I was then able to  pull my claw from the concrete and quickly grab onto the edge of the window frame and pull us through and back into the hub.   Once I hit the ground, I was saw Julio waving me to follow him.

“This way!” He was guiding me through the Fire Escapes, but I was almost too big to fit.  
Luckily I made it back to where we were.  Then it hit me–I had lost track of the Accessory back when I morphed into to Super Me.  “Wait! Where’s the Accessory?”

Julio turned to me and looked worried.  Then he reached behind him and pulled my black draw string backpack off of his back and pulled out the Accessory.  “I grabbed this when you lost it.”

“Whew!” I growled.  I snatched the Accessory from him and activated it.  Just as we stepped into the Fire Escape, I saw more Conva rising from the barracks.  Luckily, they were gone before they spotted us.