FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 7/3/18: Now We Know… What’s Next

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“Really, Little Jacob?  How do you know it’s true?” Julio asked.

“When we spoke with Mary Manchester one of the members of the UN’s Human Negotiating 
Team, tasked with working out a peace deal with the Conva, she said that very thing to us.”

“Did she say anything about the ecological disaster, itself?” Julio asked.

“Nothing specific.  I don’t think she knew anything specific.”

“She didn’t seem to me to care about the specifics,” KJ said.  “It was like she was willing to work with them or to trust them.  At least, that was the vibe I got.”

“Fair enough,” Julio said. “But we’re going to need some of those specifics if we want to make the best decisions moving forward.”

“Do the Conva have a news media?” KJ asked. 

“Yes, but their media is a bit like hours in that they can’t report on things they don’t know about. If they did, we could just ask anyone on the street of the Fire Escape Dimension and they would tell us.”

“This is just like how Exxon knew about global warming in the 1970s but never told anyone. Reporters couldn’t report on that either.”

“It sounds like our job just got more complicated,” KJ said. “Now we got to tell the whole Conva people the truth some how.”

“Let’s stay on t-topic here, KJ. We need to find out what their plans are with our dimension.”

“Yeah, but if everyone knew they could be a good tool against what ever cover up they must be doing to keep this disaster secret.”

“True, b-b-but—“

“Priorities!” Green yelled suddenly. We all looked over at her, each of us very startled. She saw how surprised we were and smiled. “I was looking for right word and… found it.”

Jill smiled.  “Exactly.  First things, first.  We start with finding out what their specific plans are and if we can learn more about this coming disaster, we do it.  If not, that’s n-next.”