FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 7/4/18: How Jacob became… Different…

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 It was decided pretty quickly that there were two ways to go about gathering more intelligence on the War Conva and their plans. The first option was to find actual Conva on this side, either War or Peace Conva, but preferably War, for obvious reasons. The second option would be to start doing reconnaissance on our own in the Fire Escape Dimension. That was my preference, just because I like to cut throught he crap and get straight to the point. We want to find out what they’re planning? Let’s go look at what they are up to.
Of course, regular humans creeping around over there might have a hard time not being spotted. But then, I am part Conva, logically, I should have an easy time over there—or so I thought.

“That’s the thing, Little Jacob, you’re not Conva.”

“What do you mean?” I was getting pretty tired of having my concept of reality challenged every other day. I think this conversation was over dinner that night. I don’t remember why but it was just Julio and I. And yep, Julio was now pretty much a member of Team J at that point.

“Jill never told you the whole story, clearly.”

“Clearly,” I said. “So, what am I missing?”

“You were really into working for me all those years ago.”

I smiled. “I remember, Hu. Those two summers were the best of my life to this day.”

“No, you don’t remember.  That is by design.”

“What do you mean?” 

“So, you were really psyched to learn more about the exo-tech we were trading in. It wasn’t enough for you to be around it. You wanted to know as much as you could about it.”

“Yeah, Jill and I both were really into it.”

“Well, think about it. She stayed into and you didn’t—why?”

“I don’t know,” I said, thinking for a moment and then adding: “It just stopped being a priority for me. I lost interest.”

“If only it was that simple, Little Jacob. If only it weren’t the absolute opposite.”

“I’m getting tired of asking ‘what do you mean?’ Hu.  Please stop giving me a reason to ask it,” I said.

“You were so much like your sister.  Either you wanted to follow in her footsteps or you may have just been really into tech on your own.  Regardless, you got into it.  And you got into it, too much.  So much, it changed who you are on a biological level.