FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 7/7/18: More Mystery Behind the Triangle Tattoo!

Just an FYI: I did update the words I wrote on 7/5/18 in the PDF but not on this blog.  Stuff in today’s words refers to new stuff I added in there, so make sure to grab the latest PDF for the below words to make the most sense. 

ALSO: Apparently, today is the 188th day of 2018 and the words below represent the 189th page of FIRE ESCAPE, according to Microsoft Word.  That means I’ve been writing, on average, a bit more than a page-a-day since January 1, 2018.  I am pretty pleased with that.  Ages ago, back in the late 1900s (!), my step-dad had a book about writing that suggested if you thought writing a book was just too daunting, just commit to writing a page-a-day for a year.  Do at least that and at the very least, by the end of the year, you’ll have a 365-page novel.  I immediately felt like a shmuck for never thinking of that before and for a few years the thought of doing just that nagged at me.  I finally gave into that nagging and ended up writing the first drafts for six novels by the end of that year.  I was much younger and mostly between dayjobs at the time.  Now I am MUCH older and have a dayjob that keeps me fairly busy, so a page-a-day feels like a triumph!  I feel like treating myself to a coffee!
So, if you have always thought about writing a novel, don’t wait.  All it takes is a page-a-day!!  DO IT and let me know how it goes!
In the meantime, get the latest PDF at the link below:

Read the latest words below this line:

“Dot, do you have any idea why that Grona would give me a Conveniencer that would make me normal?”

“No idea, kid!  Maybe he wasn’t such a bad Grona after all?”

“So, you think the Conveniencer is definitely something that could have reprogrammed my DNA?”

“Hey kid, anything’s possible with these things. In 1968 you could put men on the moon in a space ship with the computing power of a pocket calculator, so, anything is possible.”

“Hu, what if somehow he knew how to turn off whatever powers of knowledge or training or whatever that Firarian education machine gave me?”

“How would he know that?” Julio replied, adding: “And why would he wait until after you killed everyone?”

I noticed Dot smile softly.  

“What, Dot?  Talk to me,” I said.

“Nothing.  Just… nothing.”

“Please, tell me, Dot.”

“Well, maybe he didn’t have the ability to give you the Conveniencer until after he was dead for some reason or another.” Her voice trailed off by the end of that sentence.  

“What could a reason for that be?” I asked. She just shrugged and smirked.

“Well, that’s more than we knew, Jacob,” Julio said.

“Yeah, but it’s still not enough,” I said.

After that, contemplating everything that had happened, everything that we were facing, and everything we still had to work out, well, it all made me pretty exhausted.  

“You look exhausted,” Jill said to me at one point.  

“Yeah, I need to nap for like a day or two.”

“Do it. I’m sure we could all use a coupe days off to catch our breath and besides we all need to be c-c-clear-headed for our next steps.”

As my body sunk into the surprisingly comfortable mattress in my bedroom at Nowhere House, I thought about confronting Jill on what Julio had told me.  She could have told me everything years ago.  Aliens?  I had no memory of them all this time.  Murdering a gang of space thugs, that is something I never thought I would have done, but now that I knew the whole story, it seemed much more reasonable. Of course, I still killed those Conva on the ship after getting traded to them against my will.  I can’t shake the feeling that violence was entirely not a thing I had to resort to.  I guess you just shouldn’t mix chronic anxiety disorder with the ability to change your DNA to adapt to your opponent.  On that ship, anxiety itself was my opponent.  But I guess my ability to reconfigure myself used whatever was in front of me as a template for what I needed to adapt to.

As I drifted off to sleep, off in the distance, I could hear those words again.  





The last thing I remember thinking before falling asleep was the question: “Just who the hell chose those trigger words, anyway?”