FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 7/9/18: Our 2 Options Became 1 but Why?

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So, it took us a couple “days” to get enough intelligence to move forward on the two plans we had settled on. After breakfast on that second day, we all gathered in Jill’s lab to learn the details. 

Of course, one of those plans ended up being a total bust.

“Our first thought was to find out more information via the Human Negotiating Team,” Jill said.  KJ spoke next. “Problem is, our contact on the HNT has gone silent. I tried reaching out to her even attempting to approach her in a supermarket. She managed to avoid me and eventually disappear around a corner.”

“That seems weird,” I said. 

“I know—she seemed totally into me when we first met.”

We shared a collective smirk as KJ continued. “Or at the very least down with helping us out.”

Dot crossed her arms. “Seems like Uncle Julio joining Team J has maybe put some more pressure on the NHT, maybe?”

Julio had a worried look on his face. “I had a feeling this might happen.”

“We had the s-s-same thought,” Jill said. “But it’s less about you joining us and more about you leaving Department M.”

“Yeah, this is why I need to stay right here and monitor CCTV feeds with Jim and not go out into our trimension because if I do, the Caretakers will be after me.”

“Who are the Caretakers?” Dr. Green asked. 

“Little Jacob, you met them—you wanna take this one?”

At first I didn’t know what to say but then I remembered. “Oh yeah—well, we’ve all met them—well, me, Kate and KJ, anyway.”

“The shadow guys—yo, what I would not give to get my hands on their tech!”

“What’s this?” Jim asked.

“I remember them—or I mean, Wise told me about these guys—they have shadow generators and who knows what else. They sounded pretty determined. These are your Caretakers, Julio?”

“Yes they are. And Dot is right. No one knows what other tricks they have up their sleeve. They’re a very secretive part of Department M in charge of recovering OOCT, or Out Of Control Technology.”

“In this case though, they’re not literally out of control but out of M’s control,” I said.