FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 8/17/18: Things in the Fire Escape Dimension get Curious


Work, family, life got in the way for a bit, but I am back posting.  Tell your scifi friends!

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“This is where you jokingly tell us, it’s not really nothing, but is metaphorically nothing, right?” Dot said.

“Yeah, pretty much.  We saw no people–no Conva.  It’s like they’d abandoned the barracks completely and when I looked down at the seaside village at the bottom of the purple grassy mountain the Hub/structure was built on, I saw no one down there, either.”

“That village is a ways down there, Jacob–how could you see all the way down there?” Julio asked.

“I was Super Me and squinted.  Their homes were empty.  What looked like food was still on what looked like their tables.”

“They dropped everything and b-b-bolted,” Jill said, looking off into space, probably trying to find a reason for them to drop everything and leave.

“Why would they even do that?  Is that town called Pompeii?” Kate said.

“Dr. Green, any progress on solving their problem?” Dot asked.

“Not much.  It’s been a struggle keeping the Conva soldier Jacob brought back in a stable coma.”

“Why bother?” Julio asked.

“Because, Mr. Gutierrez, he’s a sovereign being.”

“Thanks, Doc,” I said.  “Hey, Hu–what’s your problem?”

“What? He’s a soldier–he was going to kill us if we let him.  You didn’t let him.”

“Just because he was going to kill us that doesn’t mean we have to kill him,” I said.

“Well, maybe we need to focus on saving the lives of the rest of his people?” Julio said, shrugging.

“Word.  This is where KJ would make a Star Trek reference.  We need him down here–he’s good at psychology and whatnot.  Dropping everything like that?  Food on the tables?”

“I’m good at psychology,” Jim said.

“You’re an AI, no you’re not,” Kate said.

“Why do we need a psychologist? To work out why they dropped everything and abandoned their homes and their plan to invade?” Dot asked.  “You don’t need to be a shrink to know that.”

“D-d-d-o tell.”

“They’re scared.  Safety in numbers.  They’re off someplace together.  Or they already have an escape route from the FED.  Duh.” Dot shrugged as Green began to speak. “From what I have been able to get from the data from both environmental devices we sent over, the dimension is not structurally sound at all.  It is not anchored properly within the, well, you don’t have a word for it in English, yet, because Earth science is not advanced enough to even recognize the other twelve naturally occurring dimensions.”

“Hey, we’re w-working on it, OK?” Jill said, adding: “Just do your best to simplify it for us stupid p-p-p-eople.”

“I think the closest word I’ve come across is a kind of ‘super structure’ that the naturally occurring dimensions are anchored to.”

“So, the Fire Escape D-D-Dimension is not anchored p-properly?”

“It’s not anchored at all.  It was forced into existence between the other existing dimensions.”

“The FED is not anchored at all.  Great,” I said.

“Wait, so what’s stopping it from collapsing?”

“We’ve been using generators to keep it stable,” another voice from the hallway said.  We turned to saw the now human Conva soldier I’d brought back.  He looked pale, leaning against the edge of a book case.  Green immediately ran to his side, lifting his one existing arm over her shoulders and helped him to a couch.