FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 8/18/18: Meet the Conva.

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“You know English?” Julio asked.

“Yes.  A little.  Everyone in our team learned.”

“You should not be up.”

“I was bored and your machines we’re working to keep me… asleep.”

“We need to get you back to bed,” Green said.

“No.  My people are in trouble.”

“How long has he been standing there?!? Green, get this guy out of here!” Julio said, sounding like there had been a huge breach of security.

“You need information.  I have it.”

“Alright, young fella.  Tell us,” Dot said.

“You already know some.  Our dimension–it’s failing.”

“We’ve already figured that out.”

“You said that the place where soldiers sleep was empty–yes?”

“Yes.  Very.  And so was the village below, by the water.”

“If the place we sleep is empty–“

“The barracks,” Jim said.

“Barracks is empty, then the invasion has already begun.”

“That’s nonsense,” Jim said.

“Word! Where are all your buddies, man?” Kate asked.

“All over your world.  That was the plan.”

“I’ve been monitoring CCTV from the present relative to everyone here and I see no evidence anywhere of an invasion, sir.”

The Conva seemed surprised.  He stammered for a moment and spoke.  “I have been here, they maybe changed their plan? I don’t know.”

“What about the people in the village?” I asked.

“I don’t know.  We were only told about our missions.”

“So much for this guy having information,” Julio said, throwing up his hands.

“I haven’t told you all yet!  Those people in the village, they probably evacuated to shelters in the valley.”

“And why would they d-d-do that?”

“Because the, the dimension is falling–collapsing.”

“That agrees with my findings so far,” Green said.

“And there’s no way to stop it?” I asked.

“No,” our Conva friend said.

“Not that I can find,” Green said.  “Like I said, the Fire Escape Dimension isn’t anchored to the greater universe.  If we could somehow anchor it, we could save everyone.”

“Our smart people–“

“Scientists,” Jim said.

“Yes, scientists, they tried to find a way, but they couldn’t.”

I rubbed my face with my right hand, trying to massage the tension out of my head and try to absorb all of this at the same time.

“So, what should we d-d-do from your perspective?” Jill asked the Conva.

“Wait, hold on–who is this guy?” Kate asked. “As in, like, what’s your name?”

“Arkus Wing is my name.”

“Alright, Arkus, I’m Kate.  Nice to meet you.  Now, what my boss said–what do you think we should do?  Is this invasion avoidable?  Is it even a violent kind of invasion?”

“Of course it’s a violent invasion, Kate!” Julio said, scoldingly.

“Hey, you don’t know if they need violence to invade.  The Beatles didn’t. You don’t know.”

“Yes, it would be violent.  But there is a not violent invasion force, too.  They already came over for years.”

“Why the violent version at all?  Why not just have everyone come over?” I asked.

“Your people not like each other.  You not like us, too, maybe.”

“It’s true,” Green said shrugging.  “Most beings stay away form Earth because humans are so violent.”

“It’s true,” Dot said.  “Earth is like the seedy part of town.  Aliens come here, but only because they have to or can’t be seen anywhere else.”