FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 8/2/18: The Conva Lab Under the Conva Church

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“What do you got?” I called out as I descended steps into a big room with what looked like a giant turbine in the far left corner. Next to it was a platform that looked a lot like a a clam shell-style performance stage that was made of some kind if shiny metal. Only there was no curtain and the back wall was concave—like an old school radar dish that was very reflective.

On the far right side of the room were several consoles behind which stood Kate, Dot and KJ. Kate was staring at a console.

“Keep working, I’ll brief Jacob,” Dot said waving me over. “It’s pretty self-explanatory, that’s the generator that we think powered a Fire Escape that was big enough to bring over all of Isaac Newtown.”

I looked up at it in awe as I kept walking toward them. Dot continued: “That stage, we think, is
designed to concentrate the energy from either the generator or from the Fire Escape, itself.”

I marveled at the stage—it reminded me of the chrome bumpers old cars used to have. I nearly tripped over several speed-bump-looking things on the floor that suddenly lit up with a warm glow.

“Yes!” Kate called out. It seemed like she had made a breakthrough.

“What did you do?” I asked.

“Got power to the generator. Oh, dawg, I really wish Jill were here to see this now!!”
Warm light came from the generator as we could hear a loud whirring sound as it spun to life. Just then we heard a deep rumble that shook the building.

“That’s not from us,” Kate said.

“The maelstrom must be getting close,” KJ said.

“While I adjust the settings, KJ, get on the comms and tell Wing that we have a way out, and Dot tell Jake about the book we found!” Kate said. I could feel my anxiety stomach again. I decided to take some deep breaths rather than trigger myself. I had gotten pretty good at controlling my abilities.

I joined them behind the console as the light from the speedbumps and the generator got brighter and the noise from the generator began to compete with the rumbles coming from outside. I whispered my trigger word and then squinted through the space between the atoms that made up the ceiling and the walls and could see a wave of blurriness coming toward us from the direction of the Hub.

“Kate. How much longer is this going to take?” I asked.

“Not long, hopefully.”

“Here,” Dot said, handing me a book. “It’s a journal Kate found down here. Kate says it belonged to Jenny Ellsworth.”

I got chills as I looked at it.

“You need to hang onto it.”

“Why me?”

“Because… you’re more likely to survive this than anyone else.”

Her words hung in the air as we started to see evacuees entering the lab.

“Ok Kate! Now what?” I called out.