FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 8/23/18: What is Happening to the Seaside Village?

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“What?!?” I said.

“It’s not moving!” KJ said wiping a tear from beneath his right eye. I looked back at the debris from the buildings. He was right, it was standing almost entirely still. If I squinted, engaging my adaptive eyesight, I could see, close up, that there was movement, but it was slow.

“So, we got here just in time to watch this place collapse in slow-mo. Great,” KJ said with a lot of bitterness in his voice.

“No,” I said staring out at the gradual dismemberment of reality. “We got here just in time to save the Conva people.”

KJ looked to Wing, whose eyes looked weirdly larger than I they were moments ago.  I looked at his hands—they were larger, too—elongated.

“Whoa–hold up! Is the collapse happening so slowly for any reason? I mean, maybe I watch too many movies, but, why’s this thing not just COLLAPSING, man?”

A look of recognition crossed Wing’s slightly-larger-than-before face.  He took a sharp, short breath and moved to the window, sticking his head out of it and looking up.  He immediately said something in Conva and then said:  “They got it working!”

“What?” I asked.  He pointed upward.  We all looked up and saw a field of bright blue energy that looked like it was emanating toward the maelstrom.

“From on top of this building.”

“Looks dope, dawg, what is it?” KJ asked.

“It’s what some science people were working on.  My commanders did not believe it would work, but

I guess it does.  At least to slow it down.”

“Like I was saying: Let’s go save the Conva people.”  I motioned toward the floor door that Kate had just opened.

We made our way down to the barracks level and found an exit on the valley-side. In minutes we were walking down a paved walkway toward Valley City below.

“Mr. Wing, do you know where the rest of your people would have evacuated to?” I asked.

“There are several shelters but I never thought I’d need to know where they were because I was going to invade your side and make it our home.”

“Greeeat,” KJ said.  Kate shook her head. “You were that sure you’d just come on over to our side and call it home? You have no idea how hard it is to get an apartment in NYC, my friend!”

“Yeah, man, why didn’t you just ask our country for asylum?” I asked.

“Come on, Jacob, what kind of question is that?” KJ asked.

“Because we saw how your government treats refugees,” Wing said.

I nodded.  KJ smirked at me.  “See?”