FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 8/24/18: The Conva Problem Explained (sort of)

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As we got further down the paved walkway, it started to wind a bit and curve around to so that when I looked behind us, I could so two antenna on top of the barracks building, the blue field enveloping the top several floors of the building and, well beyond the building, the top of the maelstrom.
As if things needed to get any more surreal.

“Hey, Wing.  Have you guys always known about our dimension?” KJ asked

“No.  It was learned not too long ago.  Since I finished my schooling and before I started military training.  We always heard about ‘The Problem’.  It was something no adult would explain until we were older.”

“Sounds like sex or drugs from our side,” Dot said.

“What was it?” Kate asked.

“It was that back there,” he said.

“The collapse of your entire reality?” KJ sounded stunned.

“Some never thought this would happen.”

“You had scientists that knew, though, and told everyone, right?” I asked.

“Yes, but no one listened to them.”

“COUGHclimatechangeCOUGH,” Kate said.

“It’s like that old saying about space being infinite along with stupidity,” Dot said.  “I’ve seen it with other so-called ‘intelligent’ species, too.”

By now Wing had become his old Conva self.  Much taller, longer, but still not as big as Super Me.
Still, it was nice to know Dot had rigged the rifle so she could stop it from working if he suddenly had a change of heart.  That got me thinking.

“Wing, why the change of heart?” I asked.

“Change of heart?”

“Why did you want to invade us before but now you are being nice?” Dot asked.

“Oh.  Because I heard what you said and I, too, like to have peace as a goal. If we can save my people without killing, I am happy for it, especially after I saw what faces us on your side.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“More people like you,” he said, looking at me, quickly adding: “Please I mean no offense as you asked me. I am honest.”

“No, why would I be offended.”

“You are a being of great power. I am scared to upset you.”

I suddenly felt incredibly awkward and felt compelled to correct him.  “Hey, the only time you ever have to be afraid of me is if you move aggressively toward me or my friends.”

“OK.” The way Wing said it was monotone and noncommittal.  I decided to let it go for now, mainly because I was still feeling very awkward.  Of course, I couldn’t leave it completely alone.  “And I’m the only one like me from my side.  Most of us are about as strong as you and can’t shape shift like me.  In fact, I don’t think any human can shape shift like me.”

“Oh, really?”  He looked at the pavement in front of me and then looked at me and nodded.  “OK.”

This time he sounded a little more positive.