FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 8/25/18: There’s Something Familiar About this Place

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“But I do want to avoid bloodshed,” I said.

“And he can cause a lot of it!” KJ said, making me feel awkward and ashamed at the dame time.

“I understand. I’m glad to know that people who will live next door are not like you.”

I was about to say something sarcastic when Dot made a vocal observation.

“Well this is a surprising design choice!”

We looked to see what she had observed—a sun bleached sign that read, in English, “Welcome to Isaac Newtown.”

“What’s with the old-town USA vibe?” Kate asked. She was right it looked like a sign that could have been designed in the 1950s and when I looked beyond it, I saw buildings that on the first few floors, looked like they belonged in a small midwestern town like in an old movie. Thing was that, above the 3rd or 4th floor, the buildings looked more advanced and streamlined—almost futuristic only they also looked like they needed some maintenance.  Windows were broken and filled in with that same transparent stuff we saw in the Hub, plastic and/or metal-looking additions had been added here and there, I guessed, to reinforce structures.

As we passed the sign and entered “Isaac Newtown” I had a strange sense of deja vu. I looked back to the paved walkway that had run down from the purple mountain and saw that the entire foot of the mountain seemed to have a jagged edge to it where it met the edge of this town.”

“This does seem weirdly familiar to me,” Dot said.

“Yo, have you actually been to Isaac Newtown before?” Kate asked.

“We pronounce it iTown now,” Wing said.

“No, but this is…” Dot paused for a moment then spoke again. “I remember now!! That time KJ and I rescued you, Jacob! You couldn’t get us out the right Fire Escape—we came out in a town just like this!”

I got chills as I once again looked around at the structures. She was right.

“Holy shit—but—“

“Maybe they don’t pay their taxes here?” Dot suggested.

“Yeah, everything looks older,” KJ said. “But did we travel through time or something?”

“Time is different here,” Wing said. “Science people said that reality for us is compressed and time is part of reality.”

“So, time moves faster here because it’s compressed?” Kate asked.

“Maybe. I’m not a science person.”

“I wonder what the differential is between here and our dimension,” Kate said.

“I remember they said they could not know what time it was on your side before we got there.”

“Some serious inconsistent spacetime compression ratios going on over here. I’m surprised we’re not seeing more distortions like that mess back at the Hub,” Kate said.

“Good point, Katie—we should watch out for any more disruptions appearing,” Dot said.