FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 8/29/18: Let’s Make a Hole in a Dimension Full of holes!

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“In the meantime time, I’m going to try dropping a Fire Escape and see what happens,” I said as we walked.

“Can you do that while walking?” Kate asked.

“Don’t know but I know it’ll be easier to do it standing still.” I dashed forward about twenty feet away and followed the instructions Jill had given me. The Fire Escape showed up on the AR map.

I shrugged as the others caught up to me.

“Seemed to work,” I said as I contemplated testing it by jumping through it.

“Now to test it,” I said.

“With what?” Kate asked.

“Uh, I was just going to jump home with it.”

“That’s the worst idea I ever heard,” she said flatly.  Dot spoke next. “Are you nuts? With all this dimensional instability shit going on?”

I suddenly felt really sick. My anxiety stomach feeling suddenly flared up as I remembered that I’m just an office assistant for an insurance company.

“Here!” KJ said, finding a palm-sized piece of what looked like concrete that had broken off of a curb. He stepped within range of the AR map and held the concrete chunk like a baseball as I dialed in the coordinates to Nowhere House. I nodded and he tossed the chunk into the Fire Escape with a blue flash. Almost immediately we heard a crunch sound and saw pebbles and dust fall from the portal. My stomach anxiety throbbed and then made me double over when the Fire Escape throbbed blue once, then turned red and created red cracks in reality itself.

Everyone stared for a long moment at the red Fire Escape, even me from my now crouching position.

“Maybe not do that again,” Wing said. I looked to him and saw he was looking back at the Maelstrom. So, I did, as well, and now we could see the whole thing was now showing the same redness and the cracks we just saw form around the Fire Escape I’d just dropped.

Just when I thought my anxiety would knock me fully onto my back I suddenly felt the lights start to dim.

“Memories,” I said as I found my view rising six or more inches from where it had been.  I stood up and once again found myself towering over the others my several inches. I instantly noticed that I felt no anxiety at all.

“Alright, everyone, let’s keep walking.”

“Man, I wish Jill had come along for this,” Kate said.

“Why?” Dot asked