FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 8/30/18: Planning Our Possible Escape

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“Because. She’s a better scientist than me,” Kate said as we walked.

“Give yourself a break, kid! You’re all we got!” Dot had a way of helping and hurting at the same time.

“Besides, I’m sort of a scientist, I’ll go with you.”

“Wait, Dot, what are we talking about?” I asked managing to do so with my regular voice despite being Super Me still, concerned they were thinking about splitting up the group.

“Kate wants to go check out the big facility Wing mentioned and I can go with her. You guys find the refugees.”

“That’s what we’re calling them now?” I asked, a mild growl following my words.

“That is what they are at this point. We can’t just leave them all here.”

“Yeah, who knows how long that field generator on top of the barracks will even last?” Kate said looking back at the purple mountain we’d come from.

“Well, try to fix the problem, guys,” KJ said.

“We would not need to invade your world if we did not have to,” Wing said.

It was maybe an hour or so when we found the religious facility on the way to the civic center. I had returned to my normal self once we got a good distance from the bad Fire Escape I’d dropped.

“Oh my god…” Kate stared at the religious building as though she’d seen it before.

“What is it?” I asked.