FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 8/31/18: Kate Recognizes the Conva Religious Building, but How?

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“Yo, I’ve seen this before… I think.”

“Where?” KJ asked.

“It was in a book, some notes Jill showed me.”

“Was it like a journal?” I asked.

“Yeah, man. She said it was Jenny’s Journal.”

I looked at the building and could see that several of the symbols and signs on it were all reminiscent of Christian symbols. I could also see that behind and/or under them, were scientific symbols like atoms, microscopes, and magnifying glasses.

“Dude, those religious symbols look like they were literally pasted over the science stuff,” KJ said, smirking. “I knew it.”

Alright ladies, you see what you can find inside, we’re going to go find the rest of the Conva.
Suddenly, we heard a deep rumbling, almost thunder-ish sound roll past us, echoing off of the nearby buildings as it went. I looked back to the hub and the mountain it was built on and saw that the mountain was now being chewed up by the maelstrom and the field generator was very close to being chewed up next.

“Let’s go—we’re about to lose what little lead on this we’ve got!”

KJ and I followed Wing as he led us toward the civic center.

“You don’t think he’s leading us into a trap, do you?” KJ asked.

“A trap we can handle—it’s thousands of Conva refugees I’m worried about. They were right about us—“

“Jake! KJ! Stop!” we heard from behind us. We stopped and turned around to see Kate waving us back.

“We found them! They’re all here!” she said waving. Dot was there, too, waving us back.