FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 8/4/18: The Maelstrom is About to Hit the Fan!

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As we reached the ground floor Wing and two other soldiers directed Super Me to a room opposite the high priest’s office. Wing had told me on the way up that they were the holdouts, determined to die on the land they were born on. In hindsight I wonder why I didn’t respect their choice to stay and die. I guess I didn’t have control over my Super side as much as I had thought. As I revisit these memories now I really regret my actions.

“They won’t answer!” another soldier yelled to me as what sounded like a hurricane on steroids raged outside. The generators still seemed to be reinforcing the structure, but I could see them vibrating violently. I knocked on the the door hard. I heard something said in Conva from the other side.

“What did he say?” I growled down at a Conva soldier.

“He said that they’re not going anywhere.”

“I hate to disagree, but—“ I said tearing apart the door with my claws. The Conva holdouts scattered when they saw me. The soldiers went into soldier mode and aimed their rifles at the holdouts. I quickly put my massive form in front of three of them, protecting the holdouts. “No! We need to save them!” I said as my heightened senses notices the reinforcement field was starting to fail. I immediately scooped up three holdouts in each of my massive arms. I ignored their screams, punches and kicks, and carried them back toward the high priests office. The other soldiers, including Wing, ushered the remaining holdouts at gunpoint out of the other office space, following me.

As we passed through the main hall of the religious center I called to Kate on the comms.

“Talk to me, Kate! How’s Dot?”

“She’s back! Get down here!”

“On our way!” Just as I said that the generators exploded and seemed to cause the entire above-ground portion of the center to crumble and get sucked into the maelstrom which looked like a giant vortex of destruction. The last holdouts to leave the other office and their soldier escort got caught in the pull and were lifted off, into the maelstrom. I kept my focus on getting the holdouts I’d kidnapped to the Fire Escape.

By the time I got to the lab, the other evacuees were gone and Kate was waving us to go through the Fire Escape as she stayed at the controls.