FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 8/6/18: Facing the End of Reality Right in its Rather Large Maw

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For a split second, I could see the tiniest of particles trapped in the maelstrom that was eating everything in the dimension. In that instant I could identify the substances I saw based on what I could see alone. That doesn’t mean I could name every substance I saw but I knew I could pick each one out of a line up if I could only see a single molecule of it.

Also in that same instant, while recognizing my ability to recognize these substances, I also recognized that I was perceiving a lot of detail in a very short timespan which had the effect of feeling like time had slowed down.

I wondered if it was just me imagining things or if, somehow time had slowed down because of the warping of time.

I decided to test my theory by running in the opposite direction and jumping upward from the lab out of the footprint of the religious building, on to the street. I glanced behind me and saw that the path, the street, that sign, the purple mountain with the hub and barracks were all gone. In their place was this thing that was less like Maelstrom and more like a literal monster with it’s maw open wider than it’s face, somehow able to start chewing before it even took a bite. The food that was reality breaking apart as the few rules of physics remaining still managed to have an effect.

Once again, that glance took only a moment but I saw so much.

I turned back and started to run away from the maw. I had no idea where I was going, I was just going on instinct. After what felt like several minutes I stopped and looked back again. I had put several hundred feet between the maw and myself. It also looked like it was chewing up reality faster now. I stood there a good few minutes and felt like the closer it got the slower it was moving. Again, I might have been imagining things.

I bent my massive but now noticeably streamlined frame over putting my scaleless hands on my knees. I keep my senses peeled for any other holdout Conva who may have decided I was a bad guy.

I looked back at the maw and stared at it for a while just watching it churn up matter and the fabric of timespace.

What the hell was I even thinking trying to run? The medium which I existed it was going away. How the hell was I going to stop it?

I looked around and knew that if I hadn’t stayed Super Me, I’d probably be in the fetal position hiding in a corner some place. But what good was remaining panic-free and in control? What was I going to do run into a Conva coffee shop I’d found and caffeinate my way back to my trimension?

I decided to just go for a walk—do some window shopping, maybe make up a wish list.

About six items in is when I saw her–the lady in yellow. Yes. That same lady from when Jill and I were kids.