FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 9/3/18: The Mother of All Fire Escapes

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“Have them stay against the wall!” Kate yelled over very loud rumbling from above. I and Wing gestured for everyone to back up against the wall as I was pretty sure I saw the ceiling shake with the last rumble. Wing leaned toward me and yelled over a wind that was suddenly coming from the bandshell and/or the generator: “Beings are still up there!”

I looked back at Kate as she pulled a literal lever on the console she stood at, causing the wind to grow more and the light from the speedbumps and generator grow. Then, I saw it—a ball of light forming in the center of the bandshell, maybe a few feet forward from it putting it very center-stage. I knew what it was but it was huge, the size of a volley ball, and was growing slowly, unlike the other Fire Escapes I’d seen so far.

It continued to grow as those ever-frequent rumbles became constant and then more like the sound of perpetual crushing.

My anxiety stomach was nagging at me big time.

“Did you hear me? Many of my people are upstairs still!”

I nodded but could not look away from the mother of all Fire Escapes as it grew to easily twenty feet in diameter. Then, a dark center began to form and then grow, eventually becoming an opening.

“But where does it go?” Dot yelled.

“Uhhh… not sure!” Kate said.  “It’s my work! I’ll find out!”

She stood started to move around the console, toward the stage when Dot pulled her back. “Forget it, kid! If this is a tunnel to nowhere, these people need you to find another way!”

Dot then ran up onto the stage and through the Fire Escape.

“Please! I need your help!” Wing demanded, ignoring Dot’s action. I held my left hand up, waiting to see if Dot returned.

“You do have TIME on your side, don’t you?” Wing yelled at me. Memories, I said and a moment later was looking down at Wing who looked afraid of me.

“Kate! Tell me on comms the instant Dot is back!” I growled, quickly turning back to Wing. “Lead the way shorty!”