FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Update for 9/5/18: Forcing My Will on the Holdouts

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I put my hostages down and politely gestured with my still massive form for them to go through the Fire Escape. I even yelled “SAFETY!” but I think it didn’t have the effect I wanted because they had horrified looks on their faces and they just sort of staggered backward.  KJ approached sayinf “I think they need a different kind of encouragement.”

I stared at KJ for a moment and then started shoving the holdouts through the Fire Escape.

KJ shrugged as I realized I was in control and not at the same time. Once the holdouts were shoved through I looked to Wing and the other Conva soldiers and waved at them to go through. As they each took steps toward the MoAFE, the ceiling of the lab shattered and pulled away from us. Toward the steps down I could see reality stretching and the steps breaking apart and sliding upward. I looked back to the soldiers as they turned from me and ran. All them, aside from Wing, that is.

“What about you and Kate?!” he yelled—I could barely hear him but it was obvious what he was saying. Especially, as he looked past me at Kate who seemed to be working to keep the generator going and the MoAFE open. I could see his eyes soften. I smiled and yelled back. “Go! I’ve got her!”

He nodded reluctantly and backed quickly into the Fire Escape. I turned and ran to Kate. “Now’s the time, woman!”

“God you’re terrifying!” She said barely glancing up.

“Kate! Everyone’s through but us! Reality is being sucked away!” I pointed at the warping of reality that was making it’s way toward us.

“Oh God—we’ve waited too long!” She yelled. I could see what she meant—the reality warp was going to hit the MoAFE before it hit us—I shoved the journal into Kate’s hands and picked her up.

“What are you—?!!”

“Love you, girl!!” I then heaved her toward the Fire Escape.

She passed through it. Almost immediately I saw the MoAFE start to warp toward the reality vacuum. Just then it occurred to me that the reality vacuum could suck people back through the Fire Escape since it was still open. I smashed the controls, and then rand over to the generator and started tearing it apart with my bare claws. The MoAFE closed and I was left with the reality warp staring me in the face.