FIRE ESCAPE First Draft updates for 4/15/18: What’s Wrong with Hologramatic Food?

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“That’s absurd, I don’t care how… ugh—you’re supposed to be smart.” KJ seemed suddenly “How much time do we have?” I asked, looking at my watch while realizing I hadn’t done that in probably a day.

“Jim, what time is it here?” Jill said, suddenly.  Jim, who had been leaning casually against a counter, spoke. “There really is no time to measure here.”

“As near as I can tell, we’re in a part of the Fire Escape trimension that doesn’t seem to be subject to the laws of physics as we measure them in our own trimension.  Plus, with the Fire Escape tech, we can start from here and go anywhere in time where there is a Fire Escape.  So, time is somewhat irrelevant.”
“Then why the hell did you tell us it had been years since Jill was last here?” KJ asked, staring at Jim.

“You asked a question and I answered it to the best of my ability.  As measured, that was how long it had been since the last time I’d seen Dr. Rivera.”

“KJ, this is the AI who didn’t bother to tell us he and his threesome of girlfriends were AI right before he fed us hologramatic food.  I really wouldn’t be trusting this guy for accurate timestamps,” Kate said.

“Jim, did you do serve them hologramatic food?” Jill seemed surprised.

“Yes, I did.”


“They said they were hungry.”

Jill rolled her eyes.  “After this is all over I have to dig into your code again.”

“So, what do then?” KJ asked.  “I mean, if time doesn’t really pass here, we have plenty of time to figure out a good plan.”

I nodded and looked to Jill.

“Yeah, I mean, should we go get Wise in here?” Kate asked.

“That’s not a bad idea.  We could use all the help we can get,” I said.

“Who is Wise?” Jill asked.

“Just a friend of ours.  Apparently from the future.”  Jill looked at me as she considered my words.

“How did you meet this guy?”

“Outside our old apartment in Washington Heights. He said Julio had something of his and he helped me break in to Julio’s old place where we found the Accessory.”
I pulled out his card and handed it to her.  She eyed it and smiled.

“You know him?” KJ asked.

“Seems familiar to me for some reason but I can’t place him.  Since he’s already from the future apparently, it’s probably safe to pull him out of his timestream.  You know where he’s going to be in a place and time where he won’t be missed?”

I thought for a moment and realized I did know exactly where he would be and almost exactly when.