FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Updates for 4/18/18: Even Simple Plans go South

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“We’re over thinking this,” I said.  “I remember I was waiting for a VIP from my company’s HQ to arrive and Wise showed up right around the same time, all I have to do is get outside my boss’s office and catch him going in.”

“No—you can’t do that,” Jill said.  “You have to wait until after the original history unfolds.  Do you remember what happened to him after he left you?”

“No, he just said I should call him and I honestly forgot to.  I kinda forgot about all of this stuff while I was at work.”

Jill pressed her lips together and cocked her head to the right.  “Alright, whatever, so what happened after that?”

“Nothing. I went home from work and went on with my week as normal and never heard from Wise again. I only talked to him after we went back in time a week by accident.”

“But he never reached out to you that night?  Or contacted you in anyway?”

“No, I told you.  I totally forgot to call him back and once it was a couple days I felt weird about getting back in touch with him until we were back in time and in trouble.”
Jill nodded knowingly.  “OK, so, you wanna catch Wise when he’s done.  I bet that’s the reason he never followed up with you after that because you’d already followed up with him.”

“Makes perfect sense,” KJ said, smiling, clearly impressed with Jill on a level I probably would rather he not be appreciating her on.

“Alright, so let’s do it!” I said.  Jill motioned for us to follow her back out to her lab.
Once there, holding the Accessory in front of me, I nodded at Jill.  She nodded back.

“Yo! Wait!  Do you want us to come with?” Kate said.

“Nah, I’m good,” I said.  “Once Jill shows me how to access a Fire Escape back in time.”

“Select the Fire Escape on the holomap and then don’t let go of it.”

“Hold-select it,” I said.

“Sure, yeah, why not.  Then wait for the menu to come up.”

I watched as a pop-up menu appeared over the glowing light ball that represented the Fire Escape that was inside the men’s room down the hall from my boss’s office. 

“Then when you see it, select the TIME option.” I pointed with my index finger at the TIME option.  It immediately showed a date/time menu and I literally just spun through it until I got to about ten minutes before the when I was pretty sure Wise showed up.

“And then select the time you want and then select GO.”

I did so and, from their perspective, was swallowed by the standard flash of light and was gone for a barely a few seconds before another flash of light returned me to the same spot.  I was breathing heavy as though I’d just been running.

“What happened?” Kate asked, as all four of them (yes, even Jim) looked at me perplexed and worried.

“That was… that was not as I expected,” I said trying to regain my footing.

That figures!” KJ said.