FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Updates for 4/22/18: Domestic Living in Another Dimesnion

Hey, BIG MILESTONE!  Today’s entry marks my 101st page of writing FIRE ESCAPE!  I have no idea how long this will be in the end so I am just celebrating the big round numbers!  Thanks so much for reading! Remember to let me know what you think!

OK, back to the latests–get the most recent draft here:

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Oh, and when I did wake, it was barely seconds before I heard Jill’s voice.  “Jake, you up?”
“Yeah, Jill, I’m up, but why’d you come into my room without knocking?” I said, looking around, fully expecting to see her on the other side of the room from where I was looking because her voice really did sound like it was coming from inside the room.
“Not in the room, Jake. Downstairs.  Just saw your biosigns look active so I thought I’d chime in and see if you were awake yet.”
“Oh, you can see my biosigns from there.  Great.  Glad I wasn’t doing anything else up here.”
“Huh?  Just come down ASAP.  There are clothes in the closet.  Hopefully you’ll find something that fits you.  Bring your dirties down and Jim will show you where the laundry is.  Bathroom is down the hall, breakfast is waiting in the kitchen.  D-d-d-don’t dawdle, there’s a lot to discuss.  You honestly have no idea.”
“OK,” I said.  Slowly sliding out of bed and onto the hardwood floors.  
“Don’t dawdle? What happened to ‘time doesn’t matter’?” I said under my breath, half expecting Jill to still be listening in but she apparently wasn’t, or at least she didn’t let on if she was.
I checked the closet, completely expecting to find wardrobe choices like I’d expect to find in one of those old gothic horror films, but I found only jumpsuits of various sizes and colors.  I put one one that seemed to fit me and went down the hall to the bathroom.  I showered, grabbed my ‘dirties,’ as we called them growing up, and went downstairs.  Jimfour, as I came to call him, showed me how to get the laundry started.  It was actually a weirdly neat moment I had with him.  I asked him about how he’d introduced himself as “Jim Smart the Third” but then corrected himself about being “the fourth”.  He shrugged. 
“Sorry about that.  See, when a device gets complicated enough it can start to show flaws.  Devices eventually start making mistakes.”
“No worries, man. It’s just you on your road to humanity.”
“Humans seem to have better memories than I do.”
“What if I started calling you Jimfour like I call my sister’s AI ‘Jillsix’?  Would that make it easier for you to remember that you are Jim the Fourth?”
‘I think it would, I think it would!  Thank you!  I will add that self-designation to my database and link it to my bio, so when ever I tell someone who I am, I’ll reference that ‘four’ part immediately.  Thank you, Jake, I appreciate you.”
“You’re very welcome, Jim!  I appreciate you!  Just don’t feed me anymore hologramatic food.”
“Oh, sorry again about that.  Like I said: we make mistakes.”
“So do humans, bro.  So do humans.”
“So I’ve heard!”