FIRE ESCAPE First Draft Updates for 4/24/18: Kate and KJ speak their minds

Short entry today.  Real life is annoying.

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As KJ, Kate, and I sat around the kitchen table eating breakfast, I tried not to think about any of this.  The moment I started to, my worry for Wise would start to overtake me and I knew that was a bad way to go.

“You OK, brah?” I saw Kate eyeing me.  “You know, as much as I love all this stuff and the tech I get to see up close, you know, any time you want to bail, it’s OK with me.”

“You don’t want to stay here?” I asked.

“Of course, I do.  But I have hardly any skin in this game, you know?  Me and KJ, we’re just along for this ride and I’m sure we’re both thankful for this view of a world we had no idea existed.  Thing is, I see what this is doing to you and I just don’t want you to feel like you can’t step away from this all.”

“Kate, what are you saying?” KJ asked.

“Shut up, Kage, I’m serious.”

“So, am I!  This is the stuff of my dreams and my nightmares.  We can’t walk away from this!”

“Sure we can, dawg.  This here?  This is gonna go on whether we’re here for it or not.”
Kate had a pretty good point. 

“As much as we want to think how cool we are and how we need to do this or that to stop whatever is happening here, we are probably not at all qualified to be here, you know?”

“I’ve been studying stuff like this for years, Kate.”

“No, KJ, you’ve been studying Internet forums for years.  None of that ever talked about this freaky wormhole-accessing tech.  This is a conspiracy all y’all friends have no idea about.”

“So what?  I still know how all this conspiracy stuff works.  How secret organizations work, how they stay in the shadows and keep things hidden in plain sight.”

“Yeah, but that’s all not real.”

“Why do you ignore reality, Kate?!  Look around you!  The alien shape-shifters that are infiltrating our society may not be lizards, but they are real.”

Kate made a sound that was half-scoff and half-click.

“Don’t click at me, Kate.  I hate when you click at me!”

“Anyway, so Jake, what’s next?  You OK to stay or go?”